Good Morning: RG3 And The ‘Skins Keep Slipping

The Washington Redskins sit at 3-6 following a Thursday Night loss to the Minnesota Vikings, after three personal fouls kept Minnesota's drives alive, crushing the game of momentum. RG3 came out hot, with just five incompletions during the first half, but they couldn't hang on in the second half. Washington lost 34-27, though still sits just two games out of the always funky NFC East, so all is not lost just yet. 


Tony Dorsett was recently diagnosed with CTE, but Dorsett, ever the fighter, declared his will to beat the thus far incurable disease.


The Milwaukee Bucks need a new court, and when the lay down the new hardwood, Zaza Pachulia will buy the old one and install it in Georgia in the gym he grew up playing in. Awesome.


Andrew Bynum says he's a shell of himself on the court, as he debates whether to keep playing or retire.


Paul George mocked the Chicago Bulls, saying their time already happened during the Jordan era.


Take a peek inside Michael Jordan's nine-bedroom mansion as it gets set to be sold by auction.


Catch the Top 5 plays from yesterday's NBA action.




Fire burned Eminem's childhood house, the house pictured on his latest album cover for MMLP2.


Tyler, the Creator went on Arsenio, and it was awesome.


It's not just Friday, it's your birthday.




A super typhoon hit the Phillipines last night, and will likely cost thousands of lives, mudslides, and flooding that will destroy crops, property, and towns. 


Question surround the killing of a black woman in Michigan, who was shot with a shotgun after knocking on a door to look for help. The homeowner says the gun accidentally went off as he thought she was trying to break in. Protestors demanded the arrest of the homeowner, saying racial profiling is what caused the tragedy.


22-year-old Gilberto Powell has down syndrome, and was walking in his neighborhood when he was stopped by police, who then proceeded to beat the shit out of the 5-foot tall mentally challenged man for a "bulge in his pants" that was just his colostomy bag. Yes, it happened in Florida.




Styles P hooks up with Action Bronson and Easy Money for "All I Got"