Good Morning: Latest Drug Bust In MLB Confirms What We Already Knew

The veil over MLB is about to come off. The owner of a drug lab in Miami connected with several players, including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, is set to speak with MLB. Jayson Stark says it could be the biggest drug bust in sports history, with severe consequences for players and teams involved. 

The interesting aspect is not the bust, but what will happen after. Fans already knew baseball players were taking something. Will things change because it's now out in the open? Or will baseball simply continue it's decline as a slow sport filled with cheaters that refuses to adapt to the times?


The Atlanta Hawks face a tampering charge for using Dwight Howard and Chris Paul in a letter to fans attempting to boost ticket sales.


Yasiel Puig homered twice in his second major league game, giving the Dodgers a 9-7 win.


Kawhi Leonard aims to be San Antonio's LeBron stopper. Also, D-Wade is ready for his second shot at back-to-back titles.


Royals legend George Brett is easing into his job as Kansas City's new hitting coach.


Mark Teixeira is starting to heat up as the Yankees beat Cleveland 4-3.


The Diamondbacks took down the Cardinals in 14 innings when Paul Goldschmidt hit a game-winning single.


Though the Clippers have requested permission to speak with Lionel Hollins, they appear to have their sights on Brian Shaw.


Alabama F Devonta Pollard was arrested and charged with kidnapping a 6-year old girl.


Lindsey Vonn talks about why her and Tiger click.


Josh Johnson pitched well for the Blue Jays in his return from the DL after triceps inflammation.


What to do with additional Alabama football material? Notre Dame committ Elijah Hood has an idea.




Jason Kidd announced his retirement this week. Check out highlights from the 19-year veteran.




Jay Pharoah went on Sway in the Morning and hit them with some impressions.


Here's a link to Hodgy Beats' new EP, Untitled 2.


Miguel was told not to attempt the risky jump during the Billboard Music Award show that ended with him kicking a fan in the face.


Roc Marciano talks about his upcoming projects and lessons he's learned in the game.


Wale put out the tracklist for his upcoming album. Lot of guest features.


Ross dropped the track two days ago and the video for "Oil Money Gang" yesterday.


The newest member of TDE, Action Bronson, stopped by Funk Flex and freestyled over "Hard Knock Life."




The surviving Boston bomber says supporters have sent him money.


A judge accepts James Holmes' insanity plea in the Colorado theater shooting case.


Michelle Obama was interrupted by an LGBT protestor at a Democratic fundraiser. She wasn't having any of it.


President Obama is coming for patent trolls who are adding to the cost of business and tying courts up in frivolous legal battles. Today he will welcome the Baltimore Ravens to the White House.


Rick Scott has vetoed a bill that would have allowed Florida immigrants to get a temporary drivers license. 





The tax code and tax reform are a politician's go-to issue in most cases as it always seems worthy of fixing, one way or another. The IRS scandal is an example of why it actually does need reforming rather than just bashing. The new rules allowing social welfare groups the ability to hide donors caused over 3,000 new applications for a 501(c)(4) designation to come in. The ambiguous rules for determining whether those groups are political or not make it difficult to know who to accept. 

Essentially, the whole "scandal" boils down to the IRS taking a shortcut knowing that many of the applicants were using the 501(c)(4) for political purposes when they weren't supposed to. They had more than double the applicants and they took the easy road. 





Action Bronson grabs LL Cool J and Lloyd Banks for "Queens Day" (Remix).

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