Good Morning: Jason Kidd Convinced Paul Pierce and KG to Join Him In BK

Jason Kidd has made a huge impact for Brooklyn already, as he was the one who convinced Paul Pierce to come down to New York.


Nick Saban waved off Bear Bryant comparisons yesterday, though the comparison is entirely legitimate and really more a matter of when Saban will surpass Bryant. Also, the SEC media picked Alabama to win the conference.


The SEC is considering more kickoff games in Houston.


Six current NCAA football players have joined the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit against the NCAA.


The Indiana Pacers vow to match any offer for Paul George next summer.


Cuban OF Dariel Alvarez will sign with the Baltimore Orioles, though he does not appear to be the next Yoenis Cespedes.


Vanderbilt will try to go from good to great in 2013.


Jerry Sandusky's adopted son is seeking a name-change.


Bill Plaschke doesn't have high expectations for the 2013/14 LA Lakers. The team did announce that they hope to have Kobe Bryant back before the preseason.


Jerry Jones says this year's Cowboys will be better. Sure they will, Jerry. 


The British government says the 2012 Olympics brought London a 9.9 million pound gain to the economy in what's being called "creative accounting."


Thomas Robinson's alley in transition is your NBA Summer League highlight of the day.




Pusha-T was seen repping an Italian crime syndicate on the back of his jersey.


Gawker may or may not have a recording of Kanye West ranting after the MTV movie awards when he interrupted Taylor West.


ScHoolboy Q performed a new track at The Boiler Room in NYC tentatively called "Gangsta."




Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was followed around with secret camera glasses for a documentary on internet privacy. 


The Justice Department put a hold on Trayon Martin evidence, and say they are conducting a separate investigation.


An Ex-CIA Chief wrote a long account of all the things Edward Snowden has done to damage America, which is exactly what someone from the system of power and control would do. 


At least 12 communities in Illinois are banning assault weapons.


This is a very apt prediction for what will happen to Obamacare. IMO it will go down as the cornerstone of Obama's presidency, become extremely popular and we will all laugh and wonder what the fuss was about.


The GOP has officially given up their fight against gay marriage.





Detroit has officially declared bankruptcy, the largest American city ever to do so. They are currently $18.5 billion in debt (yes, billion) and will find out in the next 30-90 days whether they are eligible for Chapter 9 protection. From the Detroit Free Press:

“I know many will see this as a low point in the city’s history,” Snyder said in his order authorizing the filing. “If so, I think it will also be the foundation of the city’s future — a statement I cannot make in confidence absent giving the city a chance for a fresh start, without burdens of debt it cannot hope to fully pay.




Casey Veggies releases a new track on his birthday, "Baby Don't Cry."

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