Good Morning: If It’s A Rivalry, The Bulls Are Going To Have To Start Winning Some

LeBron James went off on the Chicago Bulls, who showed no sign of being able to stop him. It was over after a 17-point run in the second quarter.


A bunch of old men and backups half their age took down the almightly Doc Rivers and the LA Clippers. Oops


Roger Goodell showed up in Chicago to help moms learn how to properly tackle during a session on football safety. One doctor said, "boys like to hit things" and without proper channels for their aggression, they might do other things like drive too fast or drink too much.


Brandon Meriweather will not face any punishment for his comments about hitting knees and tearing ACLs. 


Dustin Pedroia, Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright were amongst baseball's selections for a Gold Glove award.


Seattle Seahawks WR Sidney Rice will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL.


The budget and design were officially approved for the Atlanta Falcons' new home.


Carmelo Anthony says he doesn't listen to Charles Barkley.


Russell Westbrook might return from injury in two weeks.


Andrew Wiggins was nervous for his first game as a Jayhawk, but settled in with a dunk and finished with 16 points.


David Beckham will start an MLS franchise in Miami.




Chris Brown checked into rehab.


Statik Selektah and Ransom release a bonus track from their collaboration album, The Proposal.


Mellowhigh released a video for "Extinguisher." They'll need it to put out the fire on the track.

Extinguisher from MellowHigh on Myspace.


T.I. released a video for "The Way We Ride" from 2012's Trouble Man.




Republican lawmakers hammered Obamacare for canceled insurance plans, as President Obama said people would always be able to keep their plan if they like it, which appears not to be the case. Meanwhile, one former member of the GOP is attempting to calm conservative nerves by reminding them that Obamacare was a conservative plan, and that some on Wall Street could make a lot of money if they play their cards right. That part seemed to work.


America's top spymaster James Clapper, the politician who recently denied knowing anything about the NSA's capabilities, attempted to normalize the behavior, defend it, then discuss how White House officials knew about it despite recent reports to the contrary. Basically, Clapper can say whatever the hell he wants, and all that will happen is that he gets sent to another hearing. 




Joey Bad drops off the second unreleased track from his upcoming album (that makes sense, somehow), "My Jeep."