Good Morning: Blake Griffin Abused The Rim And The Bobcats

Led by Blake Griffin's 24 points, the Clippers destroyed the Bobcats, 106-84.




This is one of my favorite Tennessee-related headlines of all time: Former UT strength coach breaks into basketball arena with saw, steals cash.


LeBron James needs a “Can I Live?” warmup tee: He says he may stop his pregame dunks due to criticism. People, find something better to do, otherwise, we lose this:




In the actual game, the Kings took the Heat into double overtime, but LeBron's season-high 40 was too much for the Kings to overcome.








Mario Balotelli has commissioned a statue of himself for his house. You can't make this sh!t up.


Mitch Kupchak explains that the Lakers were so impatient earlier in the season due to the health of Dr. Buss.


Wondering what Dennis Rodman is up to in North Korea? Here you go.


Someone at the Combine asked a prospect if he likes girls.


J.R. Smith has some tips for dating an athlete.


Check out this old-school footage of Bill Russell jumping over a guy from the free throw line.





J. Cole explains why we haven't seen Born Sinner yet. Basically, it wasn't ready.


He also spoke at Harvard yesterday. (Here's the full version)




Did Kanye order a hit on Kim's sex tape?


French Montana sold out SOBs in record time for his March 4 show.


Tina Fey doesn't want to host the Oscars. Who does? Lose-lose gig at this point.


Joey Bada$$ is collaborating with Pete Rock and Q-Tip.


Kendrick performs "Poetic Justice" on David Letterman.


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Wale drops the video for “No Days Off.”





Rosa Parks will become the first black woman to have a full-length statue in the Capitol's Statuary Hall today.


There are 26,000 people missing in Mexico.


The candidate backed by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's money won the Democratic primary in Chicago. Welcome to the Super PAC era.


Pope Benedict gave his final speech before retirement, and spoke about times when he felt the Lord “was sleeping.”


Robots are taking over. Here's a robot that helps perform surgery. Here's a robot that takes care of the elderly. And here's how we'll control technology in the future. Bonkers.






Tony Allen spent his day speaking at a juvenile detention center in Memphis on Tuesday.


When I was their age, there wasn’t an M.J. or a Pippen coming back to my neighborhood to give us motivation,” Allen said. “I do this so they can see that I am them. If they can see me and understand my story, that will start the ignition on what they want to do and get them to say, ‘Whatever I’m doing here is absolutely wrong.’”




SoulCulture described this video as “swagalicious.”



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