Good Morning: 9.26.12

GOOD MORNING: Morning ya'll. Yesterday, the Braves earned redemption from last year's debacle and the replacement refs still suck. Lil' Wayne's deposition is one for the ages, and Barack Obama has a sizeable lead in several swing states, no thanks to Madonna's endorsement.

The Atlanta Braves locked up the fourth playoff spot with a walkoff homerun from Freddie Freeman last night. It was epic redemption for the Braves, who missed out on the playoffs in 2011 in the 13th inning of their last game.

Miguel Cabrera is one homerun away from leading every triple crown category, an accomplishment untouched for 45 years.

The New Yorker brilliantly juxtaposes the NFL and today’s politics – including the irony of the Green Bay Packers getting screwed in Wisconsin where unions have been the center of their political troubles – and it doesn’t exactly leave a good taste in your mouth.

The Packers still aren’t over their loss to the Seahawks, but won’t be fined for some heated and profane tweets. That seems about right.


Flashing Lights

If you missed Lil’ Wayne’s deposition yesterday, it’s must watch. Lil’ Wayne doesn’t always remember, but when he does it’s absolutely hilarious. Meanwhile, his new album is due in November.

Cruel Summer premiered at the no. 2 spot on Billboard yesterday, selling 216,115 copies in the first week.

Justin Timberlake is entering another phase of his career. This time, JT is attempting to relaunch Myspace. I get that he’s trying to expand his business mind and all that, but can I get an album anytime soon? Maybe after the Ryder Cup?

Madonna endorsed Obama last night. The only problem is she incorrectly called him a Muslim in doing so.


Did you realize?

Obama’s lead is growing in many swing states, meaning Romney is in big trouble. Ohio is his last stand.

It’s not all good news for Obama, as the Muslim world raged against his UN speech defending freedom of speech. This is going to spark a very interesting world debate, one that takes on personal liberty and responsibility across very different cultures.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad was at it again, delivering his parting shot to the UN  by calling for a “New world order.”

Google is working on bringing Google Maps to iPhones, but it won’t be for a couple of months. When it does, you’ll be able to check out coral reef panorama’s after some deep sea diving. Awesome.

Be careful to all my Chiefers out in LA: The Feds are cracking down again. To ease your worries, Spin put out the 30 most commercially successful weed songs.


Everything I Am

Lady Gaga suffered through eating disorders as a teenager. She recently decided to post photos of herself to a new section of her website meant to inspire body revolution.


Gotta Have It

DJ Drama premiered a song on Shade 45 last night featuring Common, Lloyd and Kendrick Lamar.

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