Good Morning: 12.28.12


D-Wade was suspended for one game after his groin shot to Ramon Sessions.


Mandatory Phil Jackson to the Nets updates: Nets want him, he doesn't want them. Oh, and Deron Williams was surprised at Avery Johnson's firing.


The Clips cruised past the Celts, 106-77, for their 15th consecutive victory.


Ed Reed was fined $55,000 for his hit on Victor Cruz, while Cam Newton was fined $21,000 for bumping an official.


Cincinnati took down Duke in the Belk Bowl last night, spoiling the Blue Devils' first bowl appearance since 1994.


Matt Barkley has been ruled out of USC's bowl game against Georgia Tech with a shoulder injury.


Hideki Matsui has retired.


A.J. McCarron is dating Miss Alabama, who just so happens to be an Auburn grad.


Kobe Bryant and LeBron James lead the second round of all-star voting.


Will Rex Ryan be coaching the New York Jets next season?


Darren Collison hit this ridiculous three to get the Mavs to overtime against the Thunder, but it wasn't enough to propel them to victory.




Katt Williams was hit with a $4 million tax lien. This dude…


Hit-Boy brings out Casey Veggies and Dom Kennedy at the Glass House.


A 20 minute PRO ERA freestyle. These kids are on another level.




China has tightened their censorship on the internet, making it much more difficult for people to work around their firewall. China may also crackdown on microblogging websites that serve as a measurement of actual public opinion.


Vladimir Putin has signed a law making it illegal for Americans to adopt Russian children.


One of the nations's most celebrated military heroes, General Norman Schwarzkopf, passed away at 78 on Thursday.


A woman has been charged with attempting to scam victims of the Newtown school shooting. Absolutely horrible. What the f*ck.


Another person has been pushed in front of a train in NYC, a unidentified male who was killed immediately.


Thanks for this, BBC: US man admits dinosaur smuggling.


Three police officers were shot and killed in a New Jersey police station yesterday.


Gang-rape victims in India have been protesting the horrific treatment of women in their country, but one victim has now committed suicide after police pressured her to drop her case.




Robert Reich goes in on the problems with gerrymandering throughout the country, and why it means the GOP doesn't have to care about national opinion. Plus, why their plan of “closing loopholes” is a bit of a farce.




(Most of) The Hot Boys are back!


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