Good Morning: 12.18.12


The Jets coughed up the ball five times against the Titans, which only resulted in a four-point loss with a chance to win the game in the final minutes. The Jets tried Mark Sanchez, a moment of Tebow Time and back to Sanchez. Jake Locker ended up being the best quarterback on the field. It was a disaster.


Jeremy Lin returned to Madison Square Garden for the first time since signing with the Rockets in the offseason. How’d it go? Lin put up 22 and 8, Rockets picked up the win.


For all the discussion on whether or not Josh Brent should have been on the Cowboys’ sideline during Sunday’s overtime win at home against the Steelers, Dallas Head Coach Jason Garrett said he didn’t even know Brent would be on the sideline, despite having talked to him the day before.


RGIII’s jersey sales have topped the single-season record, with two weeks still left in the regular season.


Butler is keeping its options open when it comes to potentially joining the “Catholic 7” to form a new basketball conference.


Jim Boeheim picked up his 900th career win, joining Mike Krzyzewski and Bob Knight as the only college basketball coaches to get there. Boeheim also used to platform to speak up on gun control.



Duke takes over the No. 1 spot.


London Fletcher says it was stadium security that escalated the fight that involved several of his relatives and Cleveland Browns fans.



Big Boi discusses giving back to the community, the rise of Southern hip-hop in the last 20 years, Outkast buying Bobby Brown’s studio when it was in foreclosure and jokes about running for mayor of Atlanta.


Dr. Dre reportedly earned $110 million last year on the Beats by Dre headphones. So like the business man he is, the hip-hop legend moved subsidiaries of Beats by Dre to Ireland to avoid taxes.


Kendrick Lamar fittingly wants Janet Jackson in his Poetic Justice video.



President Obama and John Boehner have at least agreed that taxes will need to go up on the wealthy in order to solidify a deal that avoids the fiscal cliff. Only problem now is the disconnect between the two sides on what constitutes “wealthy.” Let’s see how this goes.


NBC News correspondent Richard Engel and three of his crew members were freed in Syria after five days of captivity. Engel was believed to have gone missing over the weekend, since NBC hadn’t heard from the crew since last Thursday. Turns out they were kidnapped, but unharmed in what’s been called “the world’s most dangerous place for the press.”


Martin Scorsese is working on a documentary film on Bill Clinton for HBO. Scorsese called Clinton “a towering figure who remains a major voice in world issues.” Indeed.


Twitter is teaming up with Nielsen Co. for a new audience metric called “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating.” Makes sense.


Schools in Newtown, Connecticut are opening up, except Sandy Hook. These children and parents have a long way to go before it’s back to normal in Newtown.


Django Unchained cancelled its premiere in Los Angeles following the school shooting. The Tarantino film has been called “ultra violent” and Hollywood has been playing it safe ever since the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, where 12 people were killed at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.



Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii died at the age of 88 as the longest-serving member of the Senate. Inouye not only earned his Medal of Honor as a World War II veteran, but he was actually at Pearl Harbor working as a medical volunteer at the time of the attacks in 1941.



T.I., B.o.B. and Kendrick Lamar linked up for this track…



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