Good Morning: 12.11.12


The Texans went to Foxborough to find out what they're made of, and left on the receiving end of a classic Tom Brady performance, who threw for 296 yards and four touchdowns, with a final score of 42-14. Ouch.


RG3's knee injury was about as minor as the Redskins could have hoped, and he may even be able to play this Sunday against the Browns.


Paul Tagliabue's ruling in the Saints bounty case could come on Thursday.


Dwyane Wade made 11-13 shots last night, his highest career percentage, and LeBron James added 27 to give the Heat a victory over the Hawks.


Steve Nash will be out at least two more weeks, while Andrew Bynum's Dec. 20 MRI will determine when he's able to return to the court.


Pete Carroll says he and the Seahawks handled the 58-0 blowout appropriately.


Amir Johnson must have been having a bad day…



LeBron James was absolutely flying last night




The Game discusses his new album, Jesus Piece, on 106 & Park



Big Sean released another vlog, his latest including footage from his epic homecoming concert in Detroit.



Pharrell was in the middle of a Q&A in Miami when Mr. West dropped in. Surprise win.



Snoop vs. Santa.





Before the Powerball numbers were recently announced, there were a string of stories on the negative consequences winning the lottery can have. None were as bad as this: A Florida woman was convicted of murdering and burying a 2006 lottery winner after swindling him of almost all of his money.


A man was shot in the head during broad daylight in NYC yesterday. Reads like a straight hit. Unbelievable.


Facebook's appeal to those questioning their security and privacy will likely be the last, as a vote on Facebook for a more open privacy policy was barely voted on by anyone, and those who did vote overwhelmingly chose to keep their old policies.


Will Cory Booker run for Governor of New Jersey?


President Obama hit Michigan for a rally to push his message of higher taxes for the wealthy, putting pressure on Republicans as the fiscal cliff gets closer. In response, billionaires have warned this will limit their ability to buy politicians.


American students continue to fall behind in math and science, though fourth graders rank among the highest in reading.


Nelson Mandella, 94, is in the hospital fighting a lung infection. Mandella hasn't been seen in public since 2010.


Colorado legalized marijuana yesterday, in a low-key affair. Residents of Colorado can now possess up to an ounce of weed and six plants.




The US military conducted experiments and ran tests, including on American soldiers, to uncover the effects of psychological weapons during the Cold War. A scientist, Col. James Ketchum, describes the time, and defends his position that chemical warfare is more humane than bullets and shrapnel. It will all play out in court next year, as former soldiers are suing the federal government.




T.I. released another track from his upcoming album, Trouble Man, this one with Cee Lo.



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