Good Morning: 11.7.12



Before we get started…


The OKC Thunder finally looked like themselves last night, in a 108-88 win over the Raptors.


The Bulls handed Orlando their first loss of the season.


LeBron James took a divergent path from Michael Jordan when it came to election season, preferring to stand up for his beliefs than potentially sell more shoes.


Jerry Jones is not going to step down, and says he'll always be the GM of the Dallas Cowboys.


Derrick Rose is a daddy!


Andrew Luck has only given himself a “C” on the season. Ouch.


A woman in Vegas turned $5 into $100,000.


Kris Humphries got in the wrong cab.



Other athletes were not so misinformed, and took to Twitter following the official announcement.





Beyonce wins the best voting photo.


Rihanna has a duet with Chris Brown on her upcoming album.


Ciara went out on the beach, and fortunately brought her camera with her.


Go behind the scenes with Young Jeezy on the set of his music video, “Get Right”.






President Obama won the 2012 election in a landslide, collecting over 300 electoral votes and every swing state despite polls suggesting it was the closest election since the 1930s.


It was a huge night for progressives; passing several gay rights laws, electing the first openly gay Senator, electing the highest number of women to the Senate ever, defeating both legitimate rape and intentional rape, with Massachusetts legalizing marijuana for medical use, and Colorado and Washington legalizing it fully.


Or, in other words, people told the crazy party that they are in fact crazy.


Democrats managed to increase their lead in the Senate, but the GOP maintained an advantage in the House, meaning gridlock is still likely in Washington D.C.


The New York Times collected shots from Instagram throughout the night, and complied them here.


Pennsylvania has been all over trying to get votes for Mitt Romney throughout the election: 


Even the stock market calmed down after the President was reelected.


Here's President Obama's speech after winning the election last night. Signed, sealed, delivered.





Democrats have now won the popular vote in five of the last six elections (should results hold), speaking volumes about the kind of America voters want.


Plus, what this victory means for the country moving forward, and what it means for the Republican party.





The Snowman says it best:

To every ghetto In the world. In 2008 we celebrated history with “My President” is black. In 2012, I want Barack to know we got his back and “We Done It Again”. We don’t wait for history, we claim victory!”




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