Good Morning: 11.29.12


The Nets rolled over the Celtics in Boston, but not before a few notable highlighs.


Rajon Rondo was ejected and may be suspended for his role in some pushing and shoving against the Nets, following a hard foul on KG.


More importantly, from the Celtics game:



Dikembe Mutombo has 4 and a half weeks to save the world.


The Grizz extended their hot start to 11-2.


The New Orleans Saints were egged as they arrived in the Atlanta airport.


Apparently, the Baltimore Ravens were near mutiny against coach John Harbaugh earlier this season.


The Braves just dropped the most cash they've ever spent in one sitting on B.J. Upton.


Amar'e Stoudemire is alright with a possible sixth man role.


Viagra isn't just for the bedroom according to Brandon Marshall – especially in Denver.


Penny Hardaway shows off his kicks.


Derek Fisher is delaying retirement and signing with the Mavs.


Drew Brees calls the Saints bounty investigation a “sham.”


Andrew Bynum is suing his neighbors, who then went on a rant about how bad a neighbor Bynum is in return. Wow.


LeBron's genes seem to have been passed down: Check out LeBron James Jr from the balcony.



50 Cent calls French Montana the “new Ja Rule” in an interview with Complex.


Katt Williams really needs to chill.


You now have plans for the next hour: Questlove does a 60 minute set in NYC.




Another black teen in Florida was shot using the stand your ground law.


Vulture gives a lot of intellectual thought to a clearly sad and attention starved Glenn Beck, who's latest stunt is so bad I can't bring myself to describe it.


Fast food workers in New York City walked out of work this morning.


President Obama has nominated the first openly gay Latina judge to the US District Court.


A look at the actual cause of the death of Twinkies, rather than simply blaming it on unions.


TIME presents a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff.



Two for you today. The first on why public nudity is illegal, and the second, a fascinating look at Austism and how it may make people ideal candidates for certain jobs.



Mos Def puts Keef's “I Don't Like” to rest.


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