Good Morning: 11.27.12


Cam Newton scored 4 touchdowns as the Panthers beat the Eagles, 30-22.

Ndamukong Suh will not be suspended for his Thanksgiving crotch kick, as it could not be determined whether the kick was intentional.

UNC and Indiana will go at it tonight, as Roy Williams confronts the recruit who got away: Cody Zeller.

Mitch Kupchak claims Phil Jackson never indicated that he was interested in the Lakers' job. Why do they keep talking about this, again?

Cedric Benson is aka D.J. World Peace in Texas, and he's been playing gigs while recovering from injury. Weak name theft.

The Brooklyn Nets took down the Knicks in OT last night. Ken Berger takes a look how the rivalry between Deron Williams and Carmelo Anthony began, and how it could have been very different.

The Utah Jazz rallied to beat the Denver Nuggets and maintain their perfect home record.

Amare and Pau Gasol are now linked in trade rumors.

Tyson Chandler gets nasty on the putback.


Eminem and Jay-Z are involved in a posthumous Nate Dogg album set for 2013.

Frank Ocean took home his first album of the year award at the 2012 Soul Train awards.

Keyshia Cole is having trouble talking about race.

Nicki Minaj fires back at another Idol judge, Steven Tyler.

Meek Mill released a remix to "Lay Up" featuring Jay-Z

And Wiz Khalifa released the video for his song "The Bluff" featuring Cam'Ron, ahead of his album, O.N.I.F.C., which is due Dec. 4.




It seems the Kevin Cash/Elmo child molestation stories will not end, as a third accuser has stepped forward.

247 million people visited stores and websites between Thursday and Sunday, setting records for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Supreme Court heard arguments for a major case involving workplace harassment, keying on the definition of “supervisor” which will ultimately determine who is fiscally responsible for damages.

Hey! They have sex scandals in China, too! And, actually, theirs put ours to shame.

Studies show that  weed may fight breast cancer, and a new, separate study shows it does not lead to violent crime, an excuse many states use to keep the drug illegal and is among the same corny outplayed reasons weed was made illegal years ago. How ironic is it that smokers are the ones telling people to wake up?



Five years ago today, Sean Taylor was shot and killed. Washington Redskins fans still remember.



Big Boi released a track for his upcoming album, Viscious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, featuring Atlanta natives T.I. and Luda.



T.I. released a song from his upcoming album, Trouble Man, with the other member of Outkast, Andre 3000. Hell of a Tuesday.

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