Good Morning: 11.22.12



Kobe dropped 38 points, but the lethargic Lakers lost to the Kings. Mike D'Antoni was not pleased.

O.J. Mayo and the Mavs held off the Knicks.


Kevin Love had 34 and 14 in his return from injury, but the T-Wolves lost to the Nuggets.


Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook took care of the Clips.


Jim Boeheim sounds off on realignment. Dana O'Neil destroyed it.


Reggie Evans earns the NBA's first flopping fine.


Colin Kaepernick is taking first team reps for the 49ers.


The talks to end the NHL lockout went from optimistic to grim.


Surprise! Auburn is under investigation again. At this point, the only people who must still believe Auburn is clean are alumni.


Jack Taylor impresses Kobe and LeBron, among other players. He shouldn't have, because the whole thing is a complete farce and makes a mockery of the game.


Penny Hardaway donated 100 Thanksgiving meals to charities in Memphis.


Serge Ibaka doubles his three-point shots on the season:



Little man gets some candy and some eye candy at the Hawks game:




What's Nicki Minaj thankful for? Gawker analyzes The Re-Up for clues.


Lady Gaga is often compared to Madonna, but is Rihanna really the modern-day Madge?


2 Chainz is The Source's man of the year.





Jesse Jackson Jr. is stepping down from Congress, citing mental health.


The oil rig explosion last Friday is abound with awful details, including accusations working conditions “akin to slavery.”


A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has, thankfully, held.


Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is small business Saturday. And no one is protesting small business. Just sayin'.


Details have emerged about the burial of Osama Bin Laden. Guess how they got the details… Email!





If we are what we eat, Americans are turkeys: How the bird became a ingrained in Americans consciousness.





For some reason artists didn't really want to put out new music today, like we're all busy or something. Anyway, check out the visuals – including Kelly Rowland – in Big Boi's latest video.



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