Good Morning: 11.2.12


Tony Parker and the Spurs took down Oklahoma City on Parker's cold-blooded game winner.



Kobe would like all of you impatient critics to please shut up.


Mark Cuban's dream nearly came true: Chris Paul and D12 talked about teaming up in Dallas.


Eric Gordon had a setback with his knee injury.


The San Diego Chargers forced four turnovers and eased past the Chiefs.


The Pittsburgh Steelers don't have a hotel this weekend, though Justin Tuck thinks they get a break from the NFL refs.


Elsewhere in Pittsburgh, three offensive starters on the Pitt Panthers were arrested for assault last night.


50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have now officially broken up, after 50 announced the end of the relationship over Twitter.



The Maryland Terrapins have lost four quarterbacks to injury, and will now start a linebacker from the scout team at quarterback. His backup plays tight end.


Former Penn State president Graham Spanier was charged with obstruction of justice in relation to the Jerry Sandusky case.





Take a peek and a sneak peek of Nicki Minaj's new reality show:



Big Boi's album will be delayed a month, but he did release the album artwork.


Big Sean has a new vlog, this one about his imagination and how it helped him reach his dreams.





The Economist thinks America could do better than President Obama, but prefer him to Mitt Romney in their official endorsement. When the Economist picks Obama over the guy who's supposed to know more about the economy, that speaks volumes.


President Obama has been hammered on the attack in Libya, but CIA officials paint a very different picture than what we have heard so far.


Both campaigns have hired thousands of lawyers, for this historically close election day, to challenge anything that appears to be going awry, bringing the risk of litigation and delay. Democracy, people.


These idiots at Comcast told a New Jersey woman she would be charged extra for not returning her cable box, which was destroyed by Sandy. They did, however, take it back after getting a call from The Consumerist.


The estimated damage from Superstorm Sandy is now over $50 billion.


Meanwhile, Mitt Romney held a rally last night but was interrupted by a climate protestor, who asks Romney about climate change. The crowd immediately boos, takes his sign, and starts a USA chant, somehow pitting climate change against America. Romney avoids the issue after a classic “I'm not quite sure what's going on here but I'm gonna go with it” face.





There are a lot of stories around about bullying in high school, one recently about a fantasy slut league. But this one serves as a reminder of what good kids can do, when a high school football team in Arizona stood up to kids bullying a mentally handicapped female student.





Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt finally drops some new tunes, this one about growing up, how Tyler helped him, and invasive media.






OF's Casey Veggies was also in the studio recently, releasing a track from his next project coming out next year. Very smooth, with Cardiak on the beat.



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