Good Morning: 11.15.12

The LA Clippers took down the Miami Heat, 107-100 last night, prompting some to hail them LA's best.


The Grizzlies won their sixth-straight game, this one a ten-point win over the Thunder.


The Cy Young awards were handed out last night, with two Tennessee natives R.A. Dickey and David Price taking home the hardware.


Magic Johnson was not pleased with the recent actions the Lakers, specifically Jim Buss, have taken.



The Nets shoutout Dr. Dre with their latest shirts.


Andrew Bynum got a new haircut straight out of the Three Stooges.


Texas A&M freshman wide receiver Thomas Johnson has been missing since Monday.


Dez Bryant is heading to anger management.


Manny Ramirez hit a home run on the first pitch he saw in the Dominican League.


Jeff Green bangs on Al Jefferson.





Beyonce went all natural while celebrating her 31st birthday on a yacht.


Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Jamie Foxx and many other stars were out celebrating GQ's “Men of the Year”.


MTV kinda set Snooki up on this one: she gets really emotional when she sees the impact of Superstorm Sandy… on the pier. Her favorite roller coaster is gone. Sad, yes, but hardly what we should be focusing on.


Andre 3000 talks about his collab with T.I. and Outkast





Things became heated once again between President Obama and Senator McCain, as the two went head-to-head over the possible appointment of Susan Rice to Secretary of State.


Mitt Romney must have missed the memos: he blamed losing the election on Obama giving gifts to the young and to minorities. He was immediatey shut down by the Republican Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal.


If it makes you feel better, you can live-track Mitt Romney losing Facebook likes on


Tensions between Israel and Palestine are extremely high and volatile, as Israel mounts up air attacks while Palestinians attack by firing rockets from the Gaza strip.


The Seattle government has put together a guide to legal marijuana use in Washington.


5-Hour Energy has been cited as a possible cause of death in 13 cases.


Should you go to Amazon or Wal-Mart for holiday shopping? The Street breaks it down.





Facebook held a hacker contest, which was won by an employee at Google, Petr Mitrichev. He showed up to collect his prize wearing his Google badge. That's funny. Here's a look at the mind behind the computer.





Win-win: Wale announces his next mixtape, Folarin, and drops the first track, “Freedom of Speech.”



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