Good Morning: 10.31.12




The NBA season finally got underway last night, with the Miami Heat taking down the Boston Celtics – but not before David Stern mixed up Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina.


Bad blood between Miami and Boston: Dwyane Wade had some words for Rajon Rondo following a foul a the end of the game, and Ray Allen was given the coldest of shoulders by KG.




The 49ers want the NFL to change the box score to give Alex Smith credit for another pass and set the NFL record.


Kyrie Irving is really, really good.


Is it Tebow time – in Jacksonville?


Dan Gilbert finally expressed some remorse about his treatment of LeBron James after he left Cleveland. Clown.


The King finally got his ring.







ABC has ordered another season of Scandal.


What were Tyler, the Creator, Miley Cirus and Pharrell doing in the studio?


It wasn't enough for Meek Mill to debut this week, as the Philly rapper announced the formation of his new label Dream Chasers Records.


It's official: Yoko Ono didn't break up the Beatles.


Snoop sits down with RZA to discuss his first movie, The Man with the Iron Fist. Weather report is must-see.






For years, New York has been warned about a major storm ravaging the coast as a result of global warming. Now, it's finally time to do something about it, and both Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo discuss climate change.


Mitt Romney is doing a bit of backtracking – surprise! — after his 2011 remarks about cutting emergency relief funds.


With a week to go, the election is historically close, and President Obama is relying heavily on Bill Clinton to get him over the edge.


Mark Overland is a legally blind man in Santa Monica, CA, who walked into a DMV and got himself a drivers license without ever taking a test. Here's how, and his suggestions for the DMV.


Some bad news for Mitt Romney: Switzerland may be closing their tax haven to foreigners.


What we can learn from Katrina and other natural disasters in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.





Spin takes a look at Jam Master Jay's legacy 10-years after his passing, including his influence on today's top artists.





You'd think new Kendrick would be at a minimum after the release of his debut album last week, which is the highest selling rap-album of the year, but Lamar was back in the booth killin' haters over J. Cole's production. Can't wait for their collab album.



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