Good Morning: 10.24.12


Carmelo Anthony returned to MVP chants at Syracuse University as the Knicks took on the Sixers.


A Mizzou employee tried to charge 7 G's spent at a strip club to the school. Good effort.


Yo, someone tell Bobby V to keep quiet.


Two years ago, Tim Lincecum was the head of the Giants' rotation and Barry Zito was left at home. This year, Barry Zito takes the hill for game one while Lincecum is in the bullpen.


The NBA is changing up it's All-Star voting process.


Ozzie Guillen was fired after one season with the Marlins, but probably isn't finished with baseball.


Carlton Fisk was arrested for DUI… in the middle of a cornfield.


If anyone is missing the NHL out there, bad news — they don't appear to be any closer.


The LA Clippers have the most fun in the NBA.


Jason Terry, everybody.




Daniel Craig is finally feeling at home as James Bond.


Hugh Jackman – who starred in a 2009 Broadway play with Craig – opens up about being abandoned by his mother.


Chris Brown sent out a halloween photo, I guess, of a bloodied woman in chains. Boy does not get it.


Vivica A. Fox does not approve of Stacy Dash for her Mitt Romney endorsement, nor the photoshoot that went with it.




The White House knew more about the attacks on Libya than they have cared to admit, as official White House emails show that a terrorist group claimed responsibility just two hours after the attack.


Remember Todd “legitimate rape” Aikin? He has a competitor. A Republican candidate from Indiana said pregnancy as a result of rape can be something God intended to happen.


I don't really want to give Donald Trump any more stupid publicity than he already gets, but he now claims he has Barack and Michelle Obama's divorce papers from a few years ago, and that his announcement would shake up the race.


There's about to be a strip club tax in New York. Get your coins ready.


Syria has agreed to a ceasefire with some rebel groups during the upcoming Muslim holiday Eid.


Israel was attacked by Palestinians who launched 60 rockets into West Israel, injuring five.


Anyone up for a Third Party? It's funny, most of these guys support things American's actually want (end the War on Drugs, reign in military/industrial complex, restoring civil liberties) yet no one pays any attention to them.


Many in the international community are taking credit for the reduction in Somalian pirate attacks, but it turns out they are just taking stock of what they've stolen and clearing out hostages until the weather turns.




If we know one thing about Mitt Romney, it's that he will repeal Obamacare when he takes office. The New Yorker dives into how problematic this can be, as well as issues with the free market and healthcare.




Angel Haze gets personal on Em's “Cleaning Out My Closet” talking about her childhood.



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