Good Morning: 10.18.12

The Yankees were able to stay alive yesterday thanks to some help from the rain. They will now have a fresh CC Sabathia on the hill tomorrow, though Brian Cashman ruled out CC for game seven.


A-Rod was caught mackin' on an Australian model during a game (my dog), and the Yanks are considering shipping his talent, or lack thereof, to South Beach.


Matt Carpenter and the Cardinals' bullpen overcame the rain to take a 2-1 lead in the NLCS.


LSU Freek and Cuppycake are engaged in a GIF duel over on SBNation. High quality work here.


Kentucky landed another top-40 prospect last night, and no. 1 overall recruit Nerlens Noel was cleared to play by the NCAA. Cal is cleaning up.


A Greek soccer team is now sponsored by a Brothel.


Kevin Love will miss 6-8 weeks with a hand injury.


Jeremy Evans was straight up silly last night.





Drake graduated high school last night.



Chief Keef may be heading to jail for violating his probation.


Check out what Uma Thurman named her daughter.


Ashton Kutcher is the highest-paid TV actor in the biz.


Megan Fox had a kid three weeks ago and didn't tell us!


Why is Mad Men shooting in Hawaii?




Moderate Mitt Romney struck again yesterday, this time with a new ad on abortion aimed to help his stance with women.

Unfortunately, it might not help much as his “binders full of women” comment has picked up steam and it turns out that story isn't true either.


George Zimmerman is scheduled to stand trial on June 10 for the murder of Trayvon Martin.


Classic Paul Ryan, and, unfortunately, also classic for Colt McCoy.


Terrorism isn't something to laugh at, but this dude is the worst criminal, let alone terrorist, I've come across in awhile. He tried to blow up the Federal Reserve in New York with 1,000 pounds of what he thought was a bomb. He thought he developed his terrible plan with al-Qaeda, but actually recruited an undercover FBI agent instead. Needless to say, his efforts were rebuffed and the public was never in danger. Chalk one up for the intelligence community, in general. Great job people.


Need a new phone? Wait 'till the holidays.


An elected official in Chicago wants to try and curb gun violence by taxing bullets. Somehow, I'm not thinking this works.



A large part of the 2012 Presidential election centers around a crucial economic dilemma between promoting a healthy, growing economy and large inequality for many Americans and citizens of the world. Can we do both? The Economist says yes.




Meek Mill released a track from his upcoming album, Dreams and Nightmares, featuring John Legend, Nas and Rick Ross.




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