Good Morning: 10.16.12


Today, Peyton Manning stuns the Chargers, Ivan Johnson breaks a backboard, the Nets open their season in BK, Obama weighs in on Minaj vs. Carey as he preps for his debate, football injuries aren't a joke and new Kurupt.


Peyton Manning led the Denver Broncos to a stunning 35-point run, blowing past the 24-0 lead the San Diego Chargers built during the first half.

The Chargers have now blown two consecutive double-digit leads. Are they done?

Ray Lewis is done for the season. But is he done for good?

The Giants won game 2 of the NLCS against the Cardinals to tie the series behind a strong performance from Ryan Vogelsong, but lost Marco Scutaro in the process.

Atlanta Hawks' Ivan Johnson puts the power in power forward.

The 2012 Florida Gators look at like the 2006 Florida Gators (that physically hurt to write #Dawgs).

The Nets won their first game in the Barclays Center last night. It was awesome.

During the game there was a little scuffle between A.J. Price and Deron Williams, who had some words for Price after the game. What more could you ask?

Lil' B is trying out for the Santa Cruz Warriors in the NBA D-League.

Want some of MJ's BBQ sauce? That'll be 10 G's.



President Obama weighs in on Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey. So that ends it, right?

It ain't all bad for Nicki, though. Yesterday, her and the Beibs set a VEVO record for video views in 24 hours.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the Golden Globes.

Are veteran MCs trying too hard? Elliot Wilson analyzes in his new video series, The Truth.



The second Presidential debate is tonight, but before I get into the analysis of whether President Obama will have more energy tonight, I must say how weak it is that Obama and Mitt Romney agreed to terms for this town-hall debate without consulting really anyone. The goal of the memorandum seems to be to eliminate anything spontaneous from happening, which actually seems like the kind of thing the audience would like to see, you know, considering they'll be leading us through unexpected situations for the next four years.

Will President Obama bring it tonight? Here are five things to look for. (Note: Energy level is mentioned in the fourth paragraph. This is a serious issue, people.)

Hillary Clinton has fallen on her sword, likely easing pressure on President Obama in the debate tonight, taking full responsibility for the attacks in Libya.

The European Union has ordered Google to clean up their privacy policy to prevent Google from keeping data on each user across all of their many platforms.

Marijuana users are now courting conservatives in the battle for legalization, citing economic sense and States' rights.

I'm just going to print this headline: “Man pleads guilty to fatal shooting of 63-year-old man he mistook for turkey.”



Website Wars: Reddit vs. Gawker brings up an interesting debate between censorship and morality on the web, issues that will only become bigger as the online community grows, expands, and becomes more dependent.



Head injuries from football are becoming a big problem at the youth level, causing concern that the sport may be in trouble as a whole. When that concern is coming from Texas, it sounds like a lot more than just a sound bite.



Kurupt is back on the heels of his performance in the West Coast Cypher with a new track “Money (Do it For Me)”


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