Good Morning: 10.05.12


The St. Louis Rams recorded nine sacks to end the Arizona Cardinals' unbeaten run, though they may have lost Danny Amendola in the process.

Shaq weighed in on the best centers in the league, and preferred Andrew Bynum and the Lopez twins over Dwight Howard. He just couldn't quite remember which Lopez he liked. Howard told him to move on. Kinda like both he and Superman – wait, which one of them is Superman again? – did from Orlando to L.A. Man, it's hard to figure out why Shaq doesn't think much of D12.

The NHL is now locked out. Again. I'm sure that won't have any long-term consequences. Again.

John Calipari continued his string of recruiting the highest-rated freshmen, this time landing twins Aaron and Andrew Harrison, guards from Texas who cited “rock star” treatment among the reasons for committing to Kentucky.

Royce White and the Houston Rockets have figured out White's flying problem, and will have a bus available for him during the season. Even for trips of nine-plus hours.

Out of socks? Curt Schilling might have one for you. A bit dirty and red though.

That actually might describe the Red Sox's season this year, and why Bobby Valentine was fired after one season on the job.

This photo of Kendall Marshall rockin' a Justin Bieber backpack is priceless.

What do Peyton Manning, Penny Hardaway and Justin Timberlake have in common? They may soon all be owners of the Memphis Grizzlies.




The Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey feud has reached a new level. There's now gun talk floating around. Gawker has the full breakdown, and thankfully included the suggestion that this may all in fact be – gasp – staged.

Anyone missing Jay-Z's shows at Barclays can catch the final one online. Here's a peek.





There was a lot of talk about Mitt Romney positioning himself more towards the center in the presidential election. After Wednesday's debate, analysts say Moderate Mitt has finally appearedor morphed – but conservatives aren't upset as predicted.

Just how honest was Romney during his performance? On education, not very.

He has also taken back his 47% comments. Can we just do that now? Because I've got a list of things I could get started on if that's cool.

After exchanging fire yesterday, Turkey and Syria are on the brink of war, in what could spark a much bigger problem.

If you're booking a flight soon, you might want to avoid American Airlines. Over 40% of their flights arrived 15 minutes after their arrival time in September.

Would you want to wake up and find Bruce Davis, Charles Manson's right hand man, living next door?




Two quick hits on here today. First, Facebook reached a billion users, reaching the Coke and McDonalds pantheon of business. The Economist looks at how they stay in that pantheon.

Jersey Shore entered its final season last night. Esquire takes a look at the phenomenon, and why it especially seems to work with Italians. Maybe that's why everyone likes Gyp Rossetti?



Mr. Folarin drops a new track.



This Big Sean song from his Detroit mixtape has been in my car CD player all week. Enjoy.


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