Good Morning: 1.30.13

After a fresh round of denials about PED use, the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez face many questions. Here's one: Will the Yankees try to get out of the 10-year nightmare contract?


A judge ruled in favor of NCAA athletes receiving money for television broadcasts. The revenues could be worth in the hundreds of billions. This could completely change the game.


Jozy Altidore did not feature in the USMNT's 0-0 draw with Canada, but was playing for his club team, AZ Alkmaar, who won 5-0. Altidore scored in the match and was the subject of racial abuse that caused the game to be stopped twice. Altidore asked for the game to continue, and, after the game, said, “You just hope that these people can improve themselves. You pray for them.”


Colin Kaepernick was almost converted to free safety by former Nevada coach Chris Ault.


A 49ers fan wired $5,900 bucks for Super Bowl tickets he found on Craigslist, but all he got was a picture with the caption, “ENJOY THE GAME!!! GO RAVENS!!! LOL.”


Mike Tyson responds to criticism surrounding his Law and Order SVU guest spot.


The Grizz and Raptors are looking for a third team to complete a trade centered around Rudy Gay.


Josh Smith may be out of ATL soon.


The Lakers won their third game in a row, holding off the New Orleans Hornets as they prepare for a seven-game road trip. Kobe Bryant had 11 dimes and his 37 over the last three games mark a career-high.


Seahawks LB Leroy Hill was arrested on domestic violence charges, the latest in a series of off-the-field incidents for Hill.


LaMarcus Aldridge capped a 21-point Trailblazers comeback with a game-winning turnaround J to beat the Mavs.





Beyonce posted photos from her Super Bowl halftime rehearsals.


Entourage has been green-lit for a movie.


Tony Yayo talks G-Unit and how the money tore them apart.


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Don't mess with Joey Bada$$: Here's his response to Lil' B's diss track.





John Kerry was approved by a 94-3 margin to replace Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State.


Speaking of Hillary, she is looking forward to a day off.



A hearing in Newtown, CT about gun control reveals the sharp divide on the issue. The strict gun laws in Chicago haven't been able to stem any of the violence as 40 people have already succumbed to gun violence in the city.


Google Maps has added images of North Korea – including streets and prison camps – which previously just had the name of cities.




Ever been invested in something that probably wasn't going to work out, but stuck through it 'till the end? In economic terms, that investment is known as a sunk cost because you can't get it back. Sometimes, though, you have to know when to cut your loss. takes a look at sunk cost fallacy, the New York Jets and Mark Sanchez.




Jay Daniels hit up Kendrick Lamar to crush this hook. for more.



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