Good Morning 1.15.13

Lance Armstrong has admitted to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. After confirming what everyone pretty much knew since USADA's damning report this summer – which begs the question, does that make it too late? – Armstrong now plans to testify against officials who knew of his doping and possibly helped facilitate it.

While Lance's confession may earn him some forgiveness in the court of public opinion, it won't help much with the legal system. CNN breaks down who's likely to come after Lance in the courtroom.



Serena Williams rolled her ankle during her first-round win at the Australian Open. It didn't appear to have much effect.


The Utah Jazz hit the Heat with their third loss in a row.


Kevin Durant scored 41 points as OKC took down the Suns to become the first team in the NBA to rack up 30 wins.


No CP3, no problem for the Clippers, who demolished the Grizz last night.


Mike D'Antoni didn't have a whole lot to say about Kobe's defense, but did add that he will play a bigger role defensively.


Mark Cuban says the “Bank of Cuban” is open as he prepares to make deals.


The Atlanta Hawks were absolutely destroyed by the Chicago Bulls, 97-58, scoring the fewest number of points since moving to Atlanta. Their leading scorer was Josh Smith, who turned in nine points.


Despite being the top pick in the NBA draft, Anthony Davis is flying under the radar.


John Wall is back, y'all.


Will Brian Billick return to an NFL sideline?


Yesterday, Titans WR Kenny Britt issued a statement saying he would cooperate with local police. Today, the police say Kenny Britt is not cooperating.


Duke fell to no. 3 in the polls, but should get Seth Curry back for Thursday. Also, Coach K says Rasheed Sulaimon has been in a slump since Christmas.


Taj Gibson dunked all over Anthony Tolliver.



Nicki Minaj went on Jay Leno to discuss Idol and her bad temper.


Alexis Jordan recruits J. Cole for "Acid Rain". Head straight to the dance floor.




President Obama is gambling with his debt ceiling proposal that the GOP is more sane than it actually is.


How our legal system has completely and utterly failed Aaron Swartz as well as everyone else by depriving the world of a genius.




Curren$y has more new music for us, this one ft. Corner Boy P in “Viva La Life”.



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