Golden State Has Reinvented the Wheel and It’s Kind of a Big Deal

The Golden State Warriors are clowning right now. Literally clowning.

With every made three point basket, defensive stop and unlikely victory, the Warriors are smiling, grinning, giggling and laughing at their opponents. Whats doubly amazing is their demonstrative behavior often occurs in the waning moments of the game. This is the time when even the most lethal basketball assassins in the history of the game are possessed with concentration and intensity.

But not Steph Curry and the crew.

The Golden State Warriors are on their Bobby Brown flow, for real. Theyre doing it their way and, quite frankly, what they say goes. Theyre in control of the NBA as it stands. Their record currently stands at 15-0-tied for the best start in history with the 1996 Chicago Bulls. That Bulls team was loaded from tip to stern with battle hardened veterans.  Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and a bench full of hungry soldiers salivating for a championship ring. 

The Warriors look like Pound Puppies by comparison. Young, exuberant and unafraid to flash a smile in crunch time. Perhaps the aesthetics are why people are flabbergasted by what the Warriors are doing. But you cant argue with results. Steph Curry is proving to be every bit the Baby Faced Assassin his moniker would lead one to believe he is.  Draymond Green is looking like one of the three most versatile players in the league as hes at or near double-figures in points, rebounds and assists almost every game (12 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists), possessing the ability to defend all five positions and hit the three. 

Andre Igoudola was the MVP of the 2015 NBA Finals and has shown that he is still willing to sacrifice personal glory for the team in the same manner he did last season, and although Klay Thompson is no longer mentioned in the best all-around shooting guard in the league conversations, in large part to his peek-a-boo performances throughout the NBA playoffs last season, hes still scoring at a very healthy clip of 17 points per game. But its not simply about the marquee names. Everybody who gets in the game seems to radiate the same energy as those in the starting lineup.  Nary have I seen a moping face on the sidelines. Never have I witnessed a heated exchange between a malcontent and the coaching staff and never have we heard of any divisiveness whatsoever.

Thats almost unheard of in all of professional sports.

There have been several times thus far in the season in which teams went all out to try to defend Steph Curry but to no avail. Conventional basketball thinking would lead one to believe the Warriors would be somewhat vulnerable to a physically imposing front line.


Maybe a mismatch inherent in defending the leagues top scorers?


Maybe you attack Steph Curry on offense to sap some of his stamina? Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers have tried that too.


As hard as it is to believe, the Golden State Warriors are on an all-time pace and are deserving of the all-time comparisons that are being made. I would just tell dissenters to pipe down and deal with it, except Im a dissenter too.  I cant believe what Im watching on a night-to-night basis. My antiquated sense of basketball is telling me I cant be seeing what Im seeing. Theyre first in points, thirteenth in points allowed and fifth in overall defensive rating. The numbers are telling me yes, but my mind is telling me no. On Tuesday night the Golden State Warriors will take their circus act to Los Angeles to face the Lakers and the Kobe Bryant geriatric revue.  

You might as well chalk them up for 16-0.

SMHmy old ball coach would have had a heart attack coaching this Warriors team. Perhaps thats why it’s so hard for my mind to conceive what my eyes are seeing- that being a jump shooting basketball team dominating the NBA.  

And smiling about it. 

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