‘GOATS Don’t Dance’| GOAT Gatekeeper Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Calls Out LeBron James For Graphic Taunting Celebration

NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has called out LeBron James for his “Big Cajones” dance following a clutch, rainbow 3-pointer against the Indiana Pacers. James was fined $15,000 by the league for celebrating like former NBA player Sam Cassell used to.

The former Lew Alcindor wasn’t too happy about the dance, so he aired Bron out like ya grandfather telling you to pull your pants up because it looks classless.

“Last week, LeBron was fined $15,000 for doing a big balls dance after his win over the Pacers. The NBA has been fining players between $15,000 and $25,000 for doing this dance since the 2010-2011 season. For me, winning is enough. Why do we need to do a stupid, childish dance, and disrespect the other team on the court? It doesn’t make sense, GOATS don’t dance.”

KAJ is an old-school legend who played the game the right way and never showed up the opponents in that manner. Jabbar had a nasty streak and was über competitive. He would throw hands, but he wouldn’t Milly Rock or grab his sack after a great shot.

Jabbar is one of the few players with the resume and respect to actually criticize “The King.” Even advise him on how a self-proclaimed GOAT should represent himself. After all, Jabbar has dropped more buckets on teams than any player in NBA history. “Sky Hook” is the league’s all-time leading scorer with 38,387 points.

The Graphic Celebration Was Part Of An Awkward Week For James

This celebration was the icing on the cake for what had been a very strange week for James. First James got into a scuffle with Pistons center Isaiah Stewart, which almost sparked a melee. Stewart went — in the words of Kanye West — apesh*t after James elbowed him and drew blood.

James was suspended one game. He didn’t agree with the suspension.

“I think it warranted an ejection because of what might have happened after that. You know, with me still in the game and the excitement from the fans and what could possibly happen after that, obviously, but a suspension, I didn’t think it was warranted.”

In James’ return to the court following the suspension, he had two courtside hecklers tossed in Indiana. Apparently they expressed a sick desire for Bronny to die in a car crash.

James had them removed by security following the altercation.

There was social media pushback against the fans being elected. In fact, the altercation earned James the nickname “LeSnitch.”

A battle with COVID-19 had him missing games and launching what the social media world perceived as cryptic COVID references into the Twittersphere.

The Unrealistic Expectations Surrounding Bronny James Have Already Gone Too Far

This Isn’t First Time Kareem Has Called Out LBJ And Other NBA Role Models

Jabbar has long been a social activist. He was recently in favor of the NBA mandating every player to get vaccinated, even going on record saying the league should ban all anti-vaccine players.

Kyrie Irving Banned From Team Practice And Play | The Vaccine Faceoff Just Got Real

He told Rolling Stone, “The NBA should insist that all players and staff are vaccinated or remove them from the team. There is no room for players who are willing to risk the health and lives of their teammates, staff and the fans simply because they are unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation or do the necessary research.”

KAJ wasn’t done. He even called those anti-vaxxers “selfish,” and no longer legitimate role models.

“They are failing to live up to the responsibilities that come with being a celebrity. Athletes are under no obligation to be spokespersons for the government, but this is a matter of public health. By not encouraging their people to get the vaccine, they’re contributing to deaths. I’m also concerned about how this perpetuates the stereotype of dumb jocks who are unable to at verified scientific evidence and reach a rational conclusion.”

When Jabbar speaks, people listen. If James does respond it’ll be interesting to see what he has to say.

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