“Go Hawks!” | Russell Wilson Signs Off The “MannningCast” Giving Love To Seattle, But Will He Be Their Starting QB Next Season?

ESPN’s popular “ManningCast” featuring Super Bowl MVP brothers Eli and Peyton Manning aired its final broadcast for the season on Monday night, Jan. 18. Guests included wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson.

As Wilson signed off, he let out a familiar “Go Hawks!” That’s particularly interesting given we don’t know what Wilson’s future in Seattle is.

Wilson did not discuss his situation with the Seahawks on the broadcast, as it was agreed upon prior to his appearance. He has grown unhappy with the situation in Seattle, even providing a list of possible trade destinations to the club. Several reports have speculated that Wilson and the Seahawks are headed toward a split sometime soon.

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A source with knowledge of the situation tells The Shadow League:

“He will never say he wants to leave. He cares how he is perceived by the fans and media. But he wants out.”

Wilson has recently said publicly that he wants to stay with the Seahawks, who have him under contract through 2023. But the reports about his discontentment still persist.

In order for Wilson to be moved, he would have to request a trade and the team would have to be willing to trade him. If he truly wants out, he’s going to have to force his way out. Wilson doesn’t appear to have the stomach for that, as it will certainly be a public relations hit — though it shouldn’t be — and it will hurt the image he has so carefully crafted his entire career.

Maybe Wilson’s team can work with the Seahawks behind closed doors on the best possible outcome for both sides; that allows his reputation to remain intact and for the team to get what they want and need.

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But don’t count on it. This is professional sports; somebody is going to have to get their hands dirty.

The “ManningCast” wasn’t all about Wilson, the excellent football analysis with hilarity and high jinks mixed in is what makes the broadcast work, and why it’s so appealing to many football fans.

The Rock gave Eli a nickname that was met with approval by the former Giants signal caller.

Earlier during the broadcast Eli “threw” to his brother Peyton for analysis on a touchdown and it was evident there were technical difficulties as Peyton said, “I can’t hear shit!”

Wilson had a good laugh at that one and had some advice for Peyton during another technical glitch.

The “ManningCast” does what good media has done to sports gods forever: humanize them.

Yes, people tune in for who will win and for an amazing athletic feat, but the ways in which they are like us mere mortals is what draws people in.

The brothers Manning handed out superlatives for their bevy of guests as they wrapped a successful debut season. They are under contracts through 2023, so we should expect to see two more seasons of the Mannings.

Pay close attention as other networks will undoubtedly try to replicate the success of the “ManningCast.” There is still a voracious appetite for sports delivered in a more human and relatable way.

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