“It’s Inevitable”| We Are Seeing The Last Days Of Russell Wilson In Seattle


With Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks sitting at (5-9) following Tuesday night’s 20-10 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, it’s becoming more and more likely that were seeing the last days of Russell “Houdini” Wilson in the Pacific Northwest.

Wilson would have to waive his no-trade clause to be moved, but last season he did give the Seahawks a list of possible trade destinations. A trade never came to fruition, but it was evident that Wilson wasn’t happy about the direction of the franchise.

Per reports, the Super Bowl-winning signal caller is willing to play for the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints.

While Wilson reportedly dismissed the rumors and even called it a non-story, he never once denied them.

Personnel Issues And Team Direction Under Pete Carroll Are A Problem

For years now the Seahawks have not put an adequate offensive line on the field to protect Wilson, who’s one of the most hit quarterbacks in the league. His elusiveness and pocket presence are the only reason he isn’t hit more often.

The lack of pocket protection is one of the main reasons why Wilson will most likely be packing his bags after Game 17. Despite his historic elusiveness, Wilson is tired of making other guys look good. The savior role has gotten old, and he’s looking for a plush, Tom Brady post-New England type of situation.

With Wilson’s contract still at $51 million over the next two years, the Seahawks don’t really have to do much. But if he’s disgruntled and wants out it’s only right for the Hawks to aid him in that request. He’s earned that with his play and leadership over his 10-year run near Mt. Rainier.

Wilson boasts a record of 102-52-1 as the starter of the Seahawks since he was drafted in the third round of the 2012 NFL draft. He’s passed for 36,144 yards, 281 touchdowns, 85 interceptions, with a completion percentage of 65.7 and a quarterback rating of 101.7.

Wilson Can Help Many Teams Who Are Better Positioned To Win Now: Saints Are The Perfect Fit

One team that comes to mind is the aforementioned New Orleans Saints, who have a dominant defense, and an offensive savant at head coach in Sean Payton. And some All-Pro weaponry in running back Alvin Kamara and wide receiver Michael Thomas who’ll be returning from missing the entire 2021 season due to an ankle injury. Not to mention one of the best, if not the best offensive lines in all of football with All-Pro tackles Terron Armstead and Ryan Ramczyk as bookend anchors.

There’s no shortage of teams who’ll be all in on the star QB if in fact he asks for a trade and is willing to waive his no-trade clause.

Seahawks Cement First Losing Season During Wilson’s Tenure: Pete Carroll At The Root

For years now Wilson has kept the franchise together with his inspired play as a sputtering defense and shoddy offensive line continued to struggle. Weekly Wilson made plays and led the team to wins they had no business achieving. That ran out this year as for the first time in his career he was forced to go on injured reserve after breaking his finger against the Rams in Week 5.

The team went 1-2 without him, beating only the lowly Jaguars. Since his return they’re 2-4, and without his MVP-caliber play this team just isn’t good enough to mask it’s many deficiencies.

It’s been a season of frustration in Seattle, and head coach Pete Carroll, who’s at the root of the problem, told reporters last month that this fall’s campaign felt like his lone season as the Jets head coach, when he went 6-10 in 1994. He then explained how strange the sensation of a bad season feels to him now.

“I’m just not any good at this,” Carroll said on Nov. 21 after a 23-13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. “I’m not prepared for this. I’m struggling to do a good job of coaching when you’re getting your butt kicked week in and week out. It’s new territory. And I’m competing in every way I can think of, but I’m just unfamiliar with it.”

What Carroll also may not be prepared for is seeing Wilson in another uniform in 2022, but it’s almost inevitable.

So either Carroll leaves as well or losses like these could become routine in Seattle, because for the better part of the past five seasons Wilson has been the solo maestro that made it all work. Without him this is a three- or four-win team yearly at best.

All good things must come to an end, and Seattle is “letting Russ cook” for the last times. Get yourself tickets.

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