Gilbert Arenas Has No Chill As He Torments Swaggy P’s Son On The Internet And In Real Life

Gibert Arenas has thoroughly earned his nickname “No Chill Gil.” From his infamous locker room gun situation that resulted from a card game gone bad in D.C. to his never-ending internet battle against former teammate Kwame Brown, Arenas never stops the shenanigans.

You would think that the kids are sacred, mainly if they belong to your teammates but not to Arenas. Recently, Agent Zero made fun of the son of Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, Nick Jr., who is in a basketball tournament for 10-year-olds. Arenas took to Instagram to let the humor fly at the expense of Young Swaggy, and although comical, Arenas is a brutal friend to have.

“Even my shoes won’t help him score this man is hooping in prescription glasses the damn water boy done got a hold of my shoes #unclegilVSnickjr @adidas we need #GilVSnickjr shirts.”

Nick Jr., who wears glasses a la Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-style, was also wearing Arenas’ signature Adidas Agent Gil Restomod sneakers. Arenas held nothing back, calling the youngster everything from “water boy” to claiming he wouldn’t score despite having Arenas shoes on. However, his father quickly quashed it by showing his son’s highlights on Instagram, where he took many shots during the game.

The adult-to-child roasting was the byproduct of an up-close-and-personal look into the friendship between Young and Arenas, who were former teammates on the Washington Wizards. Arenas took to IG Live, showing him walking into Young’s home in the Los Angeles suburbs and terrorizing his children.

From his very young daughter, who was not a fan of the former NBA star, to his son, who gave Arenas the “on sight” treatment, running up on him and attempting to take him down, Arenas is a very real play enemy of the Young household. However, for Arenas, he used the energy to showcase his brutal sense of humor, knocking down Nick Jr., with a pillow in a lopsided pillow fight that sent the 10-year-old crying into his father’s arms.

But the father-son duo would not be denied, especially in their own living room, and they came for an unsuspecting Arenas with a cavalcade of Nerf guns ready to take him out. Young was feeling it and when his son began throwing up multiple middle finger birdies, he was saluted by Swaggy P Sr.

Arenas showed the child’s middle finger salute on camera and used it to justify his comical torture of the hyper-energized Swaggy P Jr. From drinking his juice boxes to finishing his snacks; Arenas took pleasure in having his way in the Young household and being his usual self — “no chill.”

Former Arizona Wildcats teammate Richard Jefferson exposed the shenanigans of Arenas in the past.

“So Family Weekend, we’re driving in his car and all of the sudden he’s like, ‘Hey, Richard, watch this.’ He puts on a DVD and he has a crazy sound system,” Jefferson said on the “Endless Hustle” podcast. Again this was the late ’90s, early 2000s. Everybody was bumping.

“And he starts playing some inappropriate videos at the maximum volume his car will go. It’s just like tons of people around, and I’m literally trying to recline the seat so no one can see me. He rolls down the windows and puts the child lock on so it’s just blaring out of his windows, and everyone is looking on.

“Finally, I rolled up the window and then when he put the child lock on I reclined the seat. Ladies and gentlemen, you can imagine the type of video he’s playing. But this is what he used to do just driving through campus!”

Gilbert Arenas has no chill, and that is why he is currently one of the best content creators in the sports sphere.

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