Get The Patron Cause’ Lauryn Hill Is Home 

L-Boogie is out of lockup after serving three months in a minimum security prison in Danbury, Conn.

L-Boogie is out of lockup after serving three months in a minimum security prison in Danbury, Conn., for failing to pay federal income taxes.

The former Fugees star was charged with failing to pay taxes on more than $1 million in income since 2005 and could have received up to three years in prison, especially considering the convoluted testimony she gave to the courts.

 “I can confirm she was released, and she's doing well," her lawyer Nathan Hochman told the Daily News Friday. “Her court case is now 100 percent done. She has one year of supervised release (left).”

Hill, who said she didn’t make music in the past because she didn’t trust the government, celebrated her release with a new song called “Consumerism,” which was posted on her Tumblr log last Thursday and is available on iTunes.

"Consumerism is part of some material I was trying to finish before I had to come in,” Hill said in a statement that comes with the new music. “I felt the need to discuss the underlying socio-political, cultural paradigm as I saw it," she said.

Music with a message is always good and much-needed. As long as we are getting a Hill who’s equally dedicated to the quality of the music, then most people will be eager to hear her again. We haven’t always gotten that from the eight-time Grammy winner over the past half decade or so. 

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