Game of Thrones Purple Wedding Recap (SPOILER ALERT)

The only thing that truly mattered on episode two of the 4th season of Game of Thrones is one thing: The Purple Wedding of King Joffrey. Oh, what an afternoon it was. The wedding goes on. Jesters act a fool. Compliments and congratulations mixed with eloquently spoken nasty disses pervade the post nuptial moments. Even a display of outright distasteful comedic skits, full of midgets reenacting the death of the Stark family take place as poor, sad Sansa Stark is forced to watch.

But when Tyrion comes to the rescue of Sansa, with one of his trademark lines of sarcasm, Joffrey abuses his kingly power to humiliate his small sized uncle. Forcing Tyrion to be wine bearer, Joffrey kicks the goblet, making Tyrion chase after the empty glass. But when Tyrion finally does grab it, pours, and Joffrey takes a sip, well… Let’s say that the moments which follow brought cheers and happiness to fans of Game of Thrones in an ecstatic way similar to the home team winning a championship.

Joffrey, gagging and spitting, blood spewing from his nose, purple veins popping from the face; chokes and twitches until his body stiffens into deathly agony, with fingers pointing to the one he forced to pour his wine: Uncle Tyrion. And now, we find that Game of Thrones has turned into a whodunit of sorts. Who killed King Joffrey? It wasn’t Tyron (we think), although he will be blamed. So who did the dirt?

Fans have all wanted Joffrey dead. Similar to how nearly everyone on Game of Thrones hated that prick, with the exception of his evil mother Cersai (who we’d honestly like to see choke as well). But with Game of Thrones only being two episodes into the season and a major character kicking the bucket already, we are left with mouths open, although happily this time. And now we wonder what the other eight episodes of the season will bring. Best believe we’ll be watching. But seriously, who killed the king?

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