G-League Adopting Single-Shot Free Throw Rule

According to reports, this season the NBA’s G-League will experiment with all-inclusive free throws. When players go to the line, the shot will either be worth one, two, or three points depending on the foul that led to them visiting the charity stripe.

The move is viewed as something that will improve the flow of the game, while also reducing the length of them. Last year, the average G-League game timed in at two hours and five minutes. However, traditional free throw rules will come back into play during the last two minutes of a game and overtime. At the end of the season, the G-League will evaluate if the new rule will stay or go.

The move is an interesting one given that the league is still struggling to gain more popularity. Last October, the league announced that they were offering top high school prospects $125,000 to play in the league as another option to the one-and-done route in college.

A recent report from OZY, discovered that while the G-League had three to five contracts available for the 2019-2020 season, there hasn’t been a single prospect who has signed on.

This upcoming season will be an interesting one for the league, to say the least.

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