FS1’s Colin Cowherd Inexplicably Had Deceased QB Dwayne Haskins On List Of QBs Who Can’t Win Super Bowl In 2023

As the 2023 NFL season approaches various analysts and sports show hosts are revealing all types of lists. From top QBs who could lead their team to a Super Bowl — which is very few — to a list of QBs who can’t lead their teams to  or win a Super Bowl. 

That’s what FS1 host Colin Cowherd did during Tuesday’s episode of “The Herd.” And while his can’t win the Super Bowl list seemed pretty accurate, one player who was on the list was downright inexplicable. The show’s producers and Cowherd should be ashamed of their blunder. 

List Had Deceased Dwayne Haskins 

Cowherd’s list was one most would agree with, but how could they miss Dwayne Haskins, who unfortunately was struck and killed by a dump truck on a Florida highway in April of 2022. 

“The third category is 20 guys, who are not getting to a Super Bowl, and certainly not winning it. And that’s everybody else. From Baker Mayfield, Teddy Bridgewater, Dwayne Haskins, guys that are just not … ” Cowherd said before pointing out that the graphic mistakenly identified the list as QBs who “can” win Super Bowls rather than “can’t.”

There is no excuse one can give for such a huge mistake like this. Haskins has been dead over a year, and things like this only rehash the pain and devastation that his family has gone through in losing him. No way can a mistake like this be made, and someone doesn’t have to answer for it. Again it’s just inexplicable to do such a thing.

Haskins Never Got NFL Career On Track Prior To Death

Haskins was the No.15 pick in the 2019 NFL draft by the Washington Redskins. Things didn’t go well for Haskins in D.C., and he was released by the team late in the 2020 season after some signs of immaturity. 

He signed with the Steelers prior to the 2021 season, and as he prepared for his second season with the team he was killed while in South Florida for team workouts. Following his passing the former Ohio State star tested positive for ketamine and norketamine, both of which are used to treat depression. Haskins also had a blood alcohol level of .24, which is three times the state limit of .08 in Florida. 

His death was ruled an accident. 

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