Fox DC Anchors Slander Black Teen Accepted To 20 Colleges

In the past, I’ve mentioned how the mainstream is repulsed by black thought and creativity for its own sake.  Today we present to you a prime example of this paradigm. Fox 5 DC anchors couldn’t help revealing how the mainstream just can’t stand black brilliance when it goes against preconceived notions.  Michael Brown is a 17-year-old black teenager from Houston Texas whose acceptance to Stanford University was recorded. His exuberant jubilation over that reveal went viral, and millions of people shared in that positive energy.  

In a country where a recent study states 40 percent of its white populous believes black people simply need to work harder, white news anchors at a news station in Washington, DC, of all places, having the audacity to criticize a high achieving black teen is indicative of the twists and turns a mind must take to rationalize racism. 

Brown had a 4.68 GPA and 1540 on his SAT and go a full-ride to all 20 colleges he applied to, Harvard and Yale among them.  

But, instead of the urge to congratulate, Fox News chose to player hate. Indeed, they would have to hate the player, because the game is one that is slanted toward the mainstream anyway. Even they can’t refute that part. But the headline on the ticker in this video says it all “Stealing The Spotlight”. From whom do they believe he’s stealing the spotlight? Rhetorical, really. You already know. 

Bishop Talbert Swan on Twitter

Check out @FoxNews anchors call a young black man, Michael Brown, “obnoxious” for applying to and getting accepted with full scholarships to 20 colleges. Either we’re “lazy” and need to “work hard,” or we’re “obnoxious” when we excel for working hard. #Racist #SitDownAndShutUp

Listen as they complain about him “waiting listing” other students, alluding to him being selfish. Can you believe that the bootstrap doctrine-bearing right would say a black kid is working too hard? Well, with racism, being black means you’re born wrong, whatever you touch that does not praise white folk or America in some way is wrong.  And even when you do, you’re still wrong. You’re black. 

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