Former MLB All Star Albert Belle Arrested On Multiple Counts

Albert Belle, the former Major League Baseball player, and perennial all-star, has been arrested reportedly on multiple counts in Arizona. 

According to Phoenixs Fox 10, the 51-year-old was arrested on two counts of indecent exposure, one count of DUI and one count of extreme DUI. 

Matt Rodewald FOX 10 on Twitter

BREAKING: Albert Belle arrested in Scottsdale during a spring training game. 2 counts of indecent exposure 1 count of DUI (using liquor, drugs or vapors) 1 count of Extreme DUI (BAC of .08 or more)

Belles no stranger to controversy. 

Belle crushes Vina to break up double play

5/31/96: Albert Belle knocks Fernando Vina down to break up a double play in the top of the eighth inning Check out for more! About About Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced on January 19, 2000, that the 30 Major League Club owners voted unanimously to centralize all of Baseball’s Internet operations into an independent technology company.

Known for his temper and passion in the batters box, during his 12-year career, the .295 average lifetime hitter was fined in 1996 for infamously barreling into Fernando Vina while running the bases

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