“We Developed A Relationship That Was Just Pure Genuine” | Former Mississippi Valley State Coach Vincent Dancy On Why He Followed Deion To Colorado

Mississippi Valley State head coach Vincent Dancy surprised everyone when he accepted a coaching position with Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes.

Dancy resigned from the Delta Devils after five seasons that saw him go 9-38. In other words, Dancy did his best but never really stood a chance at the alma mater of NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. So when Coach Prime came calling, Dancy said, “I’m out.”

In the days following his announcement, Dancy told Delta Sports why he made the move.

“We developed a relationship that was just pure genuine. He accepted me,” Dancy said. “I accepted him. He took me under his wing to teach me and show me how to grow in my profession, meet people that I probably would have never met before. He’s a man of his word.”

Dancy Had Limited Resources At Mississippi Valley State 

The Delta Devils reportedly have the smallest budget of all 347 teams in Division I athletics, and that showed in their facilities — or should we say lack thereof.

Dancy Says Offer To Join Deion Was One He Couldn’t Refuse

Division I coaching positions aren’t easy to come by, but all coaching positions aren’t created equal either. As previously stated, Dancy was obstructed by many limited budget obstacles at MVSU, and he was offered an opportunity where the grass is definitely greener on the other side. It’s a Power Five assistant position, meaning he’ll make more as an assistant than he did as a head coach in FCS. Secondly, he’ll have the opportunity to add to his coaching résumé at the highest level of college football. Also, it’s the kind of opportunity he’s always hoped for to boost his career.

Finally, he trusts Coach Prime, and that’s huge in itself, and means their relationship is authentic.

Dancy spoke to Delta Sports about the life-changing opportunity. 

“(Deion Sanders) blessed with a great opportunity,“ Dancy said. “And I feel like this is the opportunity I’ve always wanted to enhance my career. At this moment, it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly out of Mississippi for the first time in my life, really, and go be successful somewhere else.”

Vincent Dancy Is Ready To Elevate To Power Five

Dancy attacked all the obstacles that he faced daily for five years and now it’s time to chart a new path. That type of grit and resilience is what Deion appreciates in him and played a role in Dancy being offered the job in Boulder.

“I admire him. I pray for him. I love him dearly as a brother,” Deion Sanders told reporters in an interview prior to his Tigers facing Dancy’s Delta Devils in September. “I wish I could help him even more so with the tribulations, and trials he has there at Mississippi Valley State.”

Relationship Was Forged Over Children Of The Corn Practice Field

During a surprise visit to the MVSU campus during the offseason, Dancy showed Sanders their practice field, which happened to be tucked away about a mile down the road among the cornfields. That caused Deion to make a “Children of the Corn” movie reference as he took in the meager facilities.

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From that day forward, Coach Prime made it his business to help Dancy in any way he could.

Now he’s taking him to Boulder, where a bigger, better and less stressful opportunity awaits the talented coach. 

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