Floyd Mayweather speaks out

(Photo credit: Esther Lin, Showtime)

Coming off of his big win over Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd, Floyd “Money” Mayweather was peppered with questions left and right. But one question he appeared to answer was in relation to a re-match with Pacquiao. After telling ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith that he was, the news came out of Pac man’s camp that he had suffered a shoulder injury prior to the fight but never mentioned it. That resulted in an eruption of new questions and criticisms, the latter of which were directed primarily at the undefeated champion.

Tomorrow night on Showtime, Mayweather addresses those questions and many others. Some of the excerpts from that interview with Jim Gray are below:

Absolutely not, Mayweather told Gray when asked if he could detect a problem with Pacquiaos shoulder during the bout. He was fast. His left hand was fast. His right hand was fast and he was throwing them both fast and strong.

Excuses, excuses, excuses, continued Mayweather, who remains undefeated in his professional career with 48 wins, no losses and no draws.

Im not going to buy into the bull— and I dont want the public to buy into the bull—-. He lost. He knows he lost. I lost a lot of respect for him after all of this.

Mayweather goes on to address the possibility of a rematch.

Did I text Stephen A. Smith and say I will fight him again? Yeah, but I change my mind, said Mayweather. At this particular time, no, because hes a sore loser and hes a coward If you lost, accept the loss and say, Mayweather, you were the better fighter.

You can watch the full interview tomorrow night at 9pm EST on Showtime.