Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard Shot Outside Atlanta Hotel

Last night a bodyguard for Floyd Mayweather was shot after a gunman opened fire on the TBEs convoy as it was traveling through Atlanta on Monday night.

Gregor LaRosa, one of the retired boxers personal bodyguards, was shot in the leg in the early hours on Monday morning near an intersection in Atlanta shortly after Mayweathers entourage left a nightclub to head towards the InterContinental Hotel in the Buckhead region of the city.

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Details on Someone Trying to Murder Floyd Mayweather in Drive-By Shooting in Atlanta & His Bodyguard Being Shot (Video) https://t.co/1oPfbwGBto

LaRosa was taken to the hospital to be treated for the gunshot wound and released around three hours after arriving. According to the Atlanta Police Department, Mayweather was not in the car that was targeted and was not injured in the shooting on the convoy, which contained three SUVs [sport utility vehicles].

“We believe that Mr. Mayweather may have been in one of the other vehicles in the [convoy] and was not injured,” an Atlanta Police Department statement said.

A vehicle pulled up to the SUVs in an intersection and a gunman inside opened fire, striking LaRosa in the lower leg. The driver of the vehicle LaRosa was in drove immediately to a hospital, Atlanta Police Department spokesman Donald Hannah told a news conference.

Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard Shot In Atlanta | TMZ Sports

A man claiming to be one of Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguards was shot outside of an upscale hotel in Atlanta Monday morning. Cops tell us … they believe Floyd was in one of the SUVs in the entourage that was targeted by the shooter.

Police believe the shooter was familiar with the entourage or the group of vehicles. Police are not sure if anything happened earlier in the evening that led to the shooting.

“At this time, it appears that this was not a random shooting and the shooter was targeting the victim’s vehicle,” Hannah added.

The shooting occurred outside the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead, Atlanta.

The shooting came just one day afterMayweather uploaded a Twitter post that read I don’t know nothing about tomorrow but I’m living for today, which has lead to theories that the undefeated boxer may have been aware that someone was trying to target him and his entourage.

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