Floyd Mayweather ranks the GOATs in boxing and guess who’s number one

As a part of the media rounds for his upcoming September 12th bout with Andre Berto, Floyd Mayweather stopped by ESPN studios last week and was asked to rank whom he thought were the top five boxers of all time.

Heres how the list turned out:

Floyd Mayweather

Roberto Duran

Pernell Whitaker

Julio Cesar Chavez

Muhammad Ali

Even though this was his honest opinion and ranking the best is completely subjective, one can only speculate if he really believes in this list or if hes trolling for ratings and buzz. He goes into deeper detail all the while referring to himself in the third person and humorously dubbing himself TBE or The Best Ever for short.

It was almost blasphemous to see where he ranked arguably the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali. Mayweather says it was because Ali only fought in one weight class, and because he lost to Leon Spinks when Spinks only had seven fights when he beat him.

Ali is one thing, but where are legends like Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Louis and Mike Tyson? Or even undefeated fighting icon like himself, Rocky Marciano, the one whose record he’s chasing; why is his name nowhere to be found? 

One things for sure, Floyd is never afraid to speak his mind and speak it honestly.

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