Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Train Soulja Boy For PPV Fight With Chris Brown

The 50 Cent-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fallout continues to expand as both bosses have decided to choose sides in the ever-evolving Chris Brown-Soulja Boy beef.

Rap beef has been around since we thought Bill Cosby was celibate. Beef between grown men with loads of cash seems pretty ridiculous to me, but I get it; the most driven people still need hate and enemies to stay motivated even after they have made more money than we could all spend in three lifetimes. 

In light of Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s online feud, Mayweather has agreed to train the rap star who gained fame with his dance hit Crank That  in his upcoming celebrity boxing match with the R&B bad boy.

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Mayweathers decision to crew up with Soulja Boy comes after he decided to promote the fight on his Instagram. The poster features both Brown and Soulja on the card and it has the official stamp of the boxer’s promotion company, Mayweather Promotions, as the ones endorsing the event.

After he put the poster up on his Instagram, Soulja Boy re-posted the photo and hyped up the star-studded match on his page. “It’s going down! Signed my contract. I’m leaving the fight with $1,000,000. I got the best ever my big bro @floydmayweather training me damn—— #TMT #SODMG March in Vegas !! On TV,” Soulja wrote.

In response, 50 Cent says he is putting “$100,000” on C Breezy to take Soulja Boys bud-smoking, pill-popping ass out. He also blasted on Soulja’s recent decision to apologize to Brown by sharing an Instagram video of two kids fighting. One of the little boys hits the second, who begins to cry. When the first feels bad and goes over to apologize, the second clocks him in the face, laughs and runs away! This is me trying to break up the Soulja vs. CB fight. LMAO thats what happen when you try to say sorry, 50 captioned the video. 

According to billboard.com, Things escalated once Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama Nia Guzman got involved. She posted a picture of their daughter Royalty on her Instagram and tagged Floyd Mayweather and his crew The Money Team. To several Instagram followers, her move signaled her allegiance to Mayweather and Soulja Boy. Soulja reposted the picture on his page, while Guzman deleted it from her account.

In an interview with TMZ, Guzman said the photo was harmless and that Mayweather has been “investing in Royalty’s future.” Brown responded with harsh words toward Soulja Boy and urged his camp to move the fight up after finding out that Royalty has been used as a pawn throughout this fiasco.

“Seriously, we gon’ set up this fight,” Brown, the notoriously loose gasket said. “It’s gonna be professional. You could do all that, but one thing you gotta stop doing my n—a — I’mma be real with you — stop bringing my daughter into this, my n—a.”

The rap game and the boxing game is kind of boring right now and with both of these kingpins semi-retired and looking for the next confrontational conquest, a boxing match between two skinny, shit-talking divas can help them continue their quest of remaining relevant with things other than spending money and talking about how much they have.

I guess they call this big boy beef nowadays. In any event, it does have entertainment value.  

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