Floyd Mayweather has Beyonce’s back

The foolish backlash against Beyonce and her “Formation” performance has forced her supporters to come out in her defense, and now they’ve been joined by the undefeated champion himself, Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather took to Fighthype.com to express his support of Queen B.

“I think Beyonce, I think she’s a queen, she’s a drop-dead gorgeous woman, she’s a remarkable dancer, and she’s at the pinnacle. If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t have nothing to say. I will never criticize Beyonce,”

To the Champ, Beyonce is a role model and an example that other should follow, including his daughters.

“I keep my fingers crossed that some day my daughters can be the next Beyonce; very powerful woman, very gorgeous woman, strong woman, not a good entertainer, a great entertainer, and she’s going down as a legend. I’m never going to say anything about a woman that works harder than any other female in the music business. I will never do that. Absolutely not,”

They’ve both worked closely with the brilliant Al Haymon so Floyd understands what it takes to be successful and what Haymon can do for people who want to be successful.

“I mean, she go out there and, you know; me and Al Haymon, because I work with Al Haymon with different tours and of course I made a lot of money with different tours. Out of all the tours that Al Haymon has done since I’ve been involved with Al Haymon, by far, hands down, Beyonce, bar none, is the best. She always was at the fights supporting me. Even when all odds are stacked against me, she’s there and she don’t have to scream or cheer or go crazy and say, ‘Floyd, I’m behind you.’ Like I said, body language says it all, so I’m very appreciative for her support for so many years.”Mayweather added, “One thing about Beyonce, she’s a real woman. Even like when you see on social media, you will never see no disrespectful photos. I mean, of course she’s a beautiful woman. If you’re sexy, it’s okay to show it. She shows it in a classy way. She has a very beautiful daughter and she comes from a beautiful family. You know, her mother, I met her mother before and she comes from a strong mother and a strong father; sister very talented.”

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