Florida Is Trying To Erase The Memory Of Aaron Hernandez 

Prosecutors in the Aaron Hernandez murder case are still trying to compile more evidence to convict the former New England Patriots star tight end. That's why his probable cause hearing on Thursday was pushed back to Aug. 22

Still, there is enough damaging circumstantial evidence that caused the Patriots to drop him like a bad habit, before Hernandez could get comfortable in a courtroom. Now, the University of Florida has removed his All-American plaque from 2009. No one wants to touch this guy, even though it's not definitive that he's an actual murderer. 

If Hernandez is eventually convicted, it's not going to surprise anyone. But these steps to remove his plaque and trade in his jersey just goes to show how quickly today's society reacts to a situation, whether it's an overreaction or not. 

This is about perception, which now seems closer to reality than anything. 

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