Kansas City Chiefs Legend Dante Hall With Some Shocking Advice For Struggling QB Patrick Mahomes

The 2023 season for the Kansas City Chiefs has been a whirlwind. Fresh off their second Super Bowl win in four seasons, with Patrick Mahomes the reigning Super Bowl and NFL MVP in tow, it looked like another run to Super Sunday was on the horizon.

Kansas City Chiefs Struggling This Season

That’s been anything but the case with K.C. now at 9-6 and struggling all season on offense which is what they’ve been known for since Mahomes became the starter in 2018. 

In Mahomes’ first five seasons under center the Chiefs led the league in points scored, total yards, and total touchdowns.

This season they’re ranked ninth. Not too shabby, but definitely not up to the standards set by Eric Bieniemy who ran the offense during those seasons.

In wake of Monday’s Christmas Day home loss to the Las Vegas Raiders — one which saw K.C. finish the first quarter with -18 total yards — a former team legend is speaking out. 

Dante Hall Has Some Advice For Mahomes 

Mahomes has struggled all season to find continuity with his receivers, and that was never more evident than in Monday’s loss.

They lead the league with 39 drops, and half of his career-high 14 interceptions are a direct result of tipped passes that have deflected off of his receivers’ hands, leading to a turnover. 

Chiefs’ legend Dante Hall thinks Mahomes needs to take a more conservative approach.

During Wednesday’s “Good Morning Football” on the NFL Network, Hall said:

“I think Mahomes needs to fall in love with the mundane. Yes, for five years we’ve been use to the big plays to Tyreek, to [Travis] Kelce, all of that … It’s time to be checkdown Tom Brady.”

During last year’s Super Bowl run, Mahomes really utilized the checkdowns and swing routes to his playmakers instead of always looking for a big play.

This season that option hasn’t been available because his receivers aren’t getting open often, thus causing heightened frustration with Mahomes who’s lashed out at his teammates, referees and anyone else in his path the past few weeks. 

Body Language Is Vital 

Not only did Hall give Mahomes some advice on how to try to jump-start the offense, Hall, who had a combined 12 kick and punt returns for touchdowns in his career, believes Mahomes and Travis Kelce need to change in their body language.

During his appearance on “Good Morning Football” Hall reminded Mahomes that’s he’s got to show leadership even in time of struggle. 

“Body language is everything. When you are screaming and yelling at your players, that permeates negatively. When you had what you had in the first five years, that poker face, we know we’re going to win, it’s in the end, that permeates positively. Get back to being positive.”

For 13 weeks this season it seems as if Mahomes did all he could to hold his tongue, but the pressure of the media constantly calling out his guys and the team’s lackluster play seems to have finally gotten to him. If that doesn’t change the Chiefs have no chance at advancing in the playoffs. 

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