Falcon And Winter Soldier Series Lead Disney+ Content Reveal

They join Loki, Wanda and Vision as other Marvel characters slated to get their own shows.

This phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to come to a resounding crescendo with the upcoming Avengers: Endgame movie set to premiere in a little over two weeks.

Some fans are still smoldering over the unsuspecting cancellation of several wildly popular television renditions of comic book titles that once graced the Netflix streaming network. Not to be out done, Disney’s new streaming network is looking to pick up the slack.

At Disney’s Investors Day 2019 webinar the company revealed a first look at the app for the new Disney+ streaming service slated to debut later this year.

Among those first visuals was the confirmation of the Falcon & Winter Soldier movie that had long been a rumor.

The Winter Soldier, played by Frank Grillo and formerly known as Bucky, and the Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie, are each one-time partners of Captain America.

This news is in addition to recent reports of a television series surrounding Hawkeye starring Jeremy Renner, who brought the role to life over the past ten years as a member of the Avengers of the big screen.

The reveal came during a presentation of a prototype app that showcased title cards and logos of MCU offerings that also included the heretofore unseen Winter Soldier/Falcon logo.

Vision and Wanda, as well as Loki, are all slated to receive their own live-action series as well.
Currently, there are no release dates for any of the offerings.

Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios has stated that he believes the Disney+ shows will play a big part in the MCU from here on out. Unlike the Netflix series, these shows will definitely tie into the films and impact them as well.

There’s also talk of an animated version of the wildly popular Marvel Comic of yesteryear, What If in which hypothetical circumstances within the Marvel Universe are brought to life.

Disney+ launches on November 12 with a subscription price of $6.99 a month, or 69.99 for a year.

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