Fade to Black, and Watch the Magic Happen

DC has one of the best selections of Black superheroes available.


  1. Add Milestone. While there is talk of reviving the label in print, the truth is that a live-action “Static” (or, “Static Shock”, as he was known in the animated series) has a built-in audience that grew up on the character.

  2. Green Lantern, too. We should be WELL into the third Lantern movie by now.

  3. “Black Adam”. Don’t downplay the ethnicity of the actors in this film.

  4. Don’t Ignore Black women. Start to elevate the Black female characters in the DCEU. Is it time for Nubia to make an appearance in one of these Wonder Woman films?

  5. Dig deeper. Enough with the same characters. Bring Milestone back … plus Wildstorm and other distributed imprints. And what about going back to reviving some of those old Vertigo titles? Put DC Black Label to work and get these older stories out there.

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