Ex-Panthers Employee Accuses Jerry Richardson Of Sexual Harrassment

Former Carolina Panthers employee revealed damaging information pertaining to sexual harassment claims against team owner Jerry Richardson.

The series of letters obtained by Sports Illustrated told personal accounts of the NFLs investigation into the matter and the employees disapproval of the actions made by the league. 

The unidentified victim addressed several people including Bob McNair, whos comments sparked a response:

Thank you. Your comments on March 25, which affirmed you still have no clue or compassion in regard to sexual harassment and racism, also let me know that Jerry Richardson broke the non-disclosure agreement he had signed with me. According to you, Richardson shared his side of the story with owners. You said, He was very candid in what he said and what he did. Because Jerry Richardson spoke on the subject, I can write these letters and finally speak my truth.

As for me, I did not misunderstand any of Jerry Richardsons comments to me. They were clear. He wrote down many of them in notes so there wouldnt be any misunderstanding. And, regardless of what his intentions wereyoull have to ask him that questionhe sexually harassed and assaulted me. That is my truth.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera, future team owner and even people the victim considers as enablers were addressed too.

With detailed descriptions of Richardson allegedly taking the victims shoes off and making her put her legs in his lap and rub her from toes to crotch, and attached hand-written notes saying you did not answer me, do you consider me (1) your grandfather; (2) your second dad; (3) your husband; (4) your second husband; (5) your boyfriend; (6) or something else. I regret that I have never been able to give you pleasure, further proves that during this time of Me Too and Kaepernick not landing a QB job, NFL team owners need to be scrutinized and held accountable more.

To read the rest of the letters, be sure to click here.

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