Ex-NFL WR Mike Williams On Life Support According To Agent, After Steel Beam Crushes Head In Construction Site Accident

Ex-NFL WR Mike Williams, who was drafted in the fourth round by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010 had reportedly died on Tuesday according to multiple reports. Williams was working on a construction site and was involved in an accident.

Williams Not Dead, On Life Support

Recent reports from the Tampa Bay Times now say that Williams is not dead. Williams’ agent confirmed to 7 New WKBW in Buffalo that the receiver is still alive.

Tragic Accident

According to a GoFundMe page set up by Williams’ father a steel beam fell on Williams’ head causing a massive injury. There was swelling of the brain and a ruptured spinal cord. His condition worsened over the weekend and he passed out.

When initial reports of his “death” surfaced, the NFL community started showing their respects on social media.

The Price Of Playing Football

Williams’ former teammate Gerald McCoy took to X, formerly Twitter, to share his thoughts.

“Dang man hurts my heart seeing the news of my former teammate and Buccaneers 2010 draft class brother Mike Williams,” McCoy said in a post. “Always great energy, brought joy and laughter to the locker room and a heck of a player!! Prayers and blessings to his family!!”

“Man this killing me man, 4 of my former teammates gone, Teo, Geno, V-Jack and now Mike. Nobody seen 40. Post football ain’t no joke man. Y’all be thinking we’re superheroes and we be tryna tell y’all we are humans just like everybody else.”

Williams was an active player for five seasons in the NFL. Four with the Bucs and one with the Buffalo Bills. He earned a total of $11.8 million.

McCoy brings up a valid point about professional football players. Despite what fans think, these players are not superhuman. They subject themselves to severe bodily harm every time they step onto a field. Yes, they are compensated, but not at a level commensurate with the risk.

This was a freak accident so there is no direct link like we see with players that suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

But working construction after playing in the league is not a recipe for a comfortable retirement. $11.8 million before taxes was not going to last the rest of Williams’ life.

Yes, he was eligible for the NFL pension. But at 36 he would be taking a smaller payout than what he could receive at 55. With only 5 years served, his payout wasn’t going to be very big.

The average NFL pension is about $43,000 per year. The highest NFL pension is about $201,453 per year. The lowest NFL pension is about $19,800 per year.

Hovering somewhere between the lowest and the average is not sustainable income.

Does the NFL have a moral right to do better by its players?

A league, which last year, generated $18 billion in revenue should never have former players reduced to working manual labor after such a physically demanding career which lasts three seasons on average.

Williams may not be officially deceased, btu he will never be the same if he is able to recover from such a massive head injury. Prayers up.

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