“Every Time I Look At It, It’s Like A Gold Medal. Ahhh!” | Dwight Howard Admits To Wearing Superman Cape While Smashing On Multiple Occasions

Current NBA free agent Dwight Howard was a recent guest on the “BS w/ Jake Paul” podcast and was asked by co-host Julia Rose if he’s ever had sex with his superman cape on. The 2008 Slam Dunk champ admitted that he has done so multiple times, completely shocking Paul and Rose.

At the 2008 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans, Howard donned the cape and electrified the crowd with a Superman like flight through the air, catching a lob from teammate Jameer Nelson for the slam. He earned 50 points from the judges’ panel, a perfect score. On the broadcast, TNT’s Kenny “The Jet” Smith famously said, “Superman is in the building!”


So apparently Howard and some of the people he’s smashed wanted the cape as a part of their bedroom activities. Who are we to judge? As the hip-hop scholar Andre 3000 said, “Whatever floats your boat…or finds your lost remote…”

Paul and Rose were loving the admission.

“He did!!” Jake Paul said. “Dwight Howard had sex in the cape!”

It seems that Paul’s show is the outlet for people to reveal intimate details from their lives. Particularly when it’s Rose asking the question.

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith made a startling admission, which Paul seemingly referenced.

“That’s twice in a row,” Paul said.

Whether you wear Superman capes while smashing or like getting your salad tossed, you do you. If you feel like sharing that information with the world, it’s also your choice.

As far as basketball goes, Howard is 36, and as of now hasn’t been called by a team. The NBA season tips off next Tuesday.

He played for the Los Angeles Lakers last season, his third stint with the club. He’s averaged just under seven points and seven rebounds per game over the past three seasons. He can still dunk, but his poor finishing has diminished his productivity.

Howard has shown interest in potentially becoming a professional wrestler and joining the WWE.

Back in July, Howard attended the WWE tryout in Nashville. He cut a very entertaining promo, and we know he’s athletic enough.

Triple H, the head of creative and chief content officer for WWE, said the ball is in Howard’s court regarding a pro wrestling future.

When you’ve been famous for the majority of your life and are used to being in the public consciousness, it’s apparently very hard to give that up. But, you do you Dwight.

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