ESPN Drops Trailer For In-Depth, 10-Part Michael Jordan Docu-Series

“The Last Dance” will chronicle Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls.

In the spirit of gift giving, ESPN released a 60-second trailer for “The Last Dance.”  The 10-part documentary focuses on NBA GOAT, Michael Jordan’s final championship season with the Chicago Bulls.

The mid-1990s was a pretty epic time for the Bulls. During the 1997-98 season, the Bulls found themselves completing their second three-peat, their sixth championship in eight seasons and sixth straight in season unaffected by Jordan’s commitment to baseball.

Their in-depth story is told via film from a crew that followed the team that season as well as sit-down interviews with team members and coaching staff.

Jason Hehir directed the docu-series who’s work includes, “The ’85 Bears” for ESPN’s “30 for 30” series and “Andre the Giant” for HBO.

Unfortunately, the wait for this project is going to be a long one. The docu-series will not debut until the summer of 2020 on ESPN and fall of that year on Netflix.

Until then, check it out the trailer below.




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