Enough Of These Anonymous Source Quotes On Colin Kaepernick

There have been a bevy of anonymous source-filled reports during the offseason detailing the reasons why Colin Kaepernick is currently not on an NFL roster.

Well, add another one from MMQB reporter and Adam Jones being called a racial slur truther, Albert Breer, to the pile.

The entire premise of the piece is based off of four cowards, three executives and one coach, who refuse to put their names behind why they believe Kaepernick hasn’t been signed yet. Here’s one of those nameless executives who decided that comparing Kap to Robert Griffin III would be apt.

“Physically, Kaepernicks more talented, but familiarity with a backup at that position, knowing exactly what youre going to get, is more important than the wow factor. Its like with [Robert Griffin III]; you had him playing a certain way, and he was a hell of a player.”

And here’s another executive…comparing him to RGIII.

“I understand the Kaepernick deal, why its news, but nobodys talking about RG3? I know since its Kaepernick, its what sells, but the problem that RG3 has getting a job is the same as Kaepernick for a lot of teams.

The third executive, you guessed it, also compared Kap to RGIII. I think I’m starting to see a pattern here.

“When he was rolling, they had an unbelievable defense and a great running game with an amazing offensive line. Everything was perfect. And you consider that, why isnt there a debate about RG3? He just wasnt a consideration.

It is truly fascinating stuff to see.

The Discussion on Colin Kaepernick Continues

The fact that all these executives mentioned Robert Griffin III is not only suspect, it goes against all facts and logic. They used another mobile quarterback, who also happens to be Black, to reinforce why Kap is not on a team. 

The reality is Kaepernick is nowhere near the injury liability that RGIII is. Here is the Washington Post detailing the extent of each of their injuries.

Griffin suffered knee injuries in 2012 and 2013, dislocated his ankle in 2014, was concussed in a 2015 preseason game and fractured a bone in his left shoulder in 2016. Kaepernicks lone major NFL injury came in 2015, when he suffered what was described as an extensive labrum tear in his non-throwing shoulder. But he worked his way back and eventually overtook Blaine Gabbert for the 49ers starting quarterback job in 2016.

RGIII also hasn’t played more than ten games in a season since 2013 because of these injuries. With all the leg injuries he has dealt with, Griffin III is essentially Rick James in the Dave Chappelle skit after getting his legs whooped.

Rick James/ What am I Gonna Do About Mah Legs Eddie Murphy!!!???

Uploaded by Trundle0417 on 2013-05-11.

And the discussion will be about how Colin Kaepernick’s style of play won’t match certain systems.

As SBNation’s Stephen White notes, 282 of Kaepernick’s 331 pass attempts came from inside the pocket.

The extent to which these outlets and reporters like Breer have carried water for the league has not gotten lost on many people. 

There was a “report” that people in front offices were worried about his “vegan diet,” which obviously is ridiculous. 

There was also the absolutely laughable report from hard right-wing outlet The Daily Caller, which published a piece under the headline, and you couldn’t make this up if you tried: “NFL Source: Kaepernick Turned Down At Least 1 Contract To Play Up The Race Card“, with their “anonymous source” reportedly saying that Kaepernick views himself as a race messiah”. 

C’mon now!!!

When there are so many outlandish reports constantly being thrown out during the offseason with more anonymous sources than New York Times reports on classified information, one has to become growingly suspicious of how hard people with an ax to grind against Kaepernick are trying to push this narrative. 

And when guys like Breer, who has likened Kaepernick’s situation to that of the far less-talented Tim Tebow, continue to publish stories based on these “anonymous sources” time after time, this cycle is not going to stop.

Lather, rinse, repeat. 

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