Eagles Apparently Confused, Think Turnovers Are A Good Thing

    So the Eagles are getting extra love today due to Sunday's hard fought 24-23 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. They shouldn’t celebrate too hard, though. Already the team has nine turnovers, with six of those coming via a Mike Vick interception (one of those was an atrocious red zone blunder that would be a major talking point if the Eagles had lost) and Lesean McCoy already has two fumbles. He only had one all of last year. A lot of national media folks decided to jump on the Eagles bandwagon early and they are going to ride it out as long as possible. Flipside is, they don’t want to highlight the team’s struggles. That’s fine. I’ll keep track for them. Right now, they are 2-0, so nobody cares. But if they lose the next two and keep up their current turnover rate, well, let's see how fast the bandwagon empties out.