Durant Assists On Westbrook Stuff In First Quarter of All-Star Game

With all of the pregame hype and speculation about how Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook would receive each other when they shared the floor tonight, it sure didnt take long for Steve Kerr to put all the nonsense to bed and play the two ex-teammates together.

He didn’t give the TNT announcers a chance for the big, controversial build up. With about 5:42 left in the first quarter TNT analyst Reggie Miller noticed KD and Westbrook were on the court together. By the 5:01mark, the two had hooked up on their first bucket since losing Game 7 of the 2016 Western Conference Championship. 

Westbrook cruised past midcourt, passed the ball to Durant who turned and hit Westbrook back with a nifty pass for the dunk.

The TNT crew started singing” Kuymbayah.”

David Aldridge asked KD about the play at halftime of a game void of all defense and the West leading 97-92. “He’s a great basketball player. He was open. I threw him the lob,” Durant said. 

Now that KD and Westbrooks chemistry for the All-Star game is no longer an issue, maybe we can focus on the rest of the game.

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